Good Friday Footy: Kick for the Kids


Back for another year, AFL brought together thousands of fans in support of the Good Friday appeal. Raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital, 33,966 North Melbourne and St Kilda supporters flocked to Etihad stadium in support of the great cause.

Labelled as the ‘Kick for the Kids,’ there was a heavy focus on donations and crowd involving entertainment. Five dollars from every adult ticket and ten dollars from every family ticket purchased was donated straight to the appeal along with $1,000 donated for every goal kicked as well as donation tins and $5 easter bunny ears being sold around the stadium.

As North Melbourne have become hosts for the Good Friday match – locking in home games over the past two years – their quarter time competition was a crowd pleaser. North legends Brent Harvey and Michael Furrito along with musician Dan Sultan and the help from their sponsors raised $17,300 by donating $100 for every metre they could kick the ball. 


The lead up to the match saw players from both the kangaroos and the saints come together to visit children at the Royal Children’s and put smiles on their faces and give back to those who are putting up the bravest fight which is what the Good Friday appeal is all about. 

Apart from a frustrating first half for the fans to watch. The second half became more competitive and skilful however, after the main break it became a blue and white game. North Melbourne dominated in every area, especially when they booted seven unanswered goals in the final term.

The Good Friday appeal and the AFL have been linked since the initial appeal raising money for kids through a veterans match back in 1931. Now it is set in the AFL fixture and will continue to support the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Along with the AFL match, other events across Victoria like the Run for Kids – which raised over $1.4 million alone – and Kids Day Out brought people together to contribute to the cause. Events put in place to raise money over the past year raised $3 million collectively.

A record-breaking $18,043,251 was raised by generous Victorians all over the state and will make a huge difference to the Royal Children’s Hospital, the staff and all the brave families who face extreme challenged every day. An incredible victory for people around the state, the CFA had collectors everywhere and they brought in a huge $1.6 million and the Good Friday raffle brought in $650,000 for the appeal.

It is amazing to see how the community rallies together to raise money for a greater cause, whether through sport, rural town events or donations, every dollar makes a difference. 

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