Experience a 1930s film experience at the Sun Theatre

Sun Theatre. Source: Realestate View

Are you tired of the same old cinema experience at a big chain like Village Cinemas or Hoyts? Look no further for a comfortable escape back through time at the old-fashioned Sun Theatre.

Located in Yarraville Village the Sun first opened its doors in the late 1930s with a single cinema seating over 1,000 visitors. Amidst some hurdles and cinema closings, the Sun reopened in 1995 with an expansion to suit the growing population. 

The boutique art deco has eight screening rooms that are worlds away from a stereotypical cinema, each with their own name and distinctive theme – The Grand, The Barkly, The Trocadero, The Lyric, The Davis, La Scala, The St Georges, and The Roxy.

The Grand cinema is the largest of the eight. Source: Sun Theatre

The cinema is a historical icon for the western suburb, surrounded by a variety of award-winning cafes that are perfect for a quick cup of coffee before or after a film. Not only does the village attract locals and travellers, but famous directors and film stars.

In 2016, successful American director Quentin Tarantino and actors Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell made a surprise appearance at the cinema to express their appreciation of the Sun’s 70mm presentation of Tarantino’s film ‘The Hateful Eight’.

Hollywood icons shut down Yarraville. Source: Nyk Lee Twitter

Historical elegance and Hollywood star attraction aside, the cinema continues to offer the much loved treats movie-goers adore at the candy bar. The popcorn is always salty and delicious and there are a variety of uniquely named homemade choc tops to choose from. 

Choc tops include Shrek, Edward’s Bite and Who’s ya Daddy? Source: Renee M via Yelp

The Sun is conveniently directly across from Yarraville station allowing visitors from all over Melbourne to check out the village day and night. If you’re planning a trip to the theatre, head over to Sun Theatre’s website to pick session times and plan your movie experience. 


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