Dosage: Burwood’s science lab inspired cafe

Image source: Dosage Cafe Facebook Page

It is just past lunchtime on a Thursday afternoon. Nothing better comes to mind after a 2-hour seminar than a delicious meal and a coffee to refuel.

Less than a five-minute drive from Deakin University is Dosage Cafe, a unique coffee laboratory hidden within the buildings of Burwood. This modern café provided a unique themed dining experience with beakers as water jars, drinks served in test tubes and syringes filled with maple syrup or dressing.

Image source: Emmanuela Hourdas

It is already popular with Deakin students enjoying their food during a break from study and parking is easy with 1-hour free parking next door at the medical centre. 

I made sure to order my usual, smashed avo with poached eggs, to see if it could avoid the culinary pitfalls of the dish –  tough, over-toasted sourdough with hard eggs instead of a runny yolk-perfect poached egg. But hooray! Dosage did not disappoint.

Image source: Emmanuela Hourdas

Dosage dedicates a section of their menu to jaffles, a popular choice. They are served with eggs either inside or outside the jaffle, with a variety of filling displayed on the menu to choose from, and a small portion of pretzels to compliment the uniqueness of the cafe.                         

First-time cafegoer and Deakin student Paige says she was thrilled with her experience and wouldn’t hesitate to return.

“The food was delicious and affordable. I wish I found the café sooner. It was my first time there and I would definitely come back”, she said.

Prices at Dosage are affordable and compliment the quality and service provided. Jaffles begin at $7 per sandwich, bagel specials starting from $12 and brunch meals ranging up to $21.

Image source: Emmanuela Hourdas

To determine whether this café was going to become the perfect Uni hub, was the prices and method of payment. Many can agree that splitting bills are commonly refused causing much distress to customers, and with Dosage allowing it, Sarah, another Deakin student claims it is one of the reasons for her return.

“It’s frustrating when you go to a café with a large group and they don’t let you split the bill”, she says. 

“The waiter is always more than happy to split the bill for us which is why we come back during study breaks.”

Dosage Café is open Monday- Friday 8am- 3pm, Saturday 8am- 2pm and Sunday 9am-4pm. Located at 140 Burwood Highway, Burwood 3125.



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