The Jungle Giants at the Historic Croxton Bandroom


The Jungle Giants completely sold out their Used To Be In Love Tour throughout Australia. The quartet smashed out a high intensity set at the iconic Croxton Band-room in Melbourne. Built in 1844, bands such as ACDC, Rose Tattoo, INXS and Midnight Oil have made their mark at the venue and on the 18th of April, it was The Jungle Giants’ turn. 

The gig was “an hour of non-stop head-bouncing, body-jiggling and amazingly fun indie-pop.” The Jungle Giants were promoting their third studio album Quiet Ferocity, the set merged their unique melodic arrangements of their first album Learn To Exist, with the percussion loaded production of their second record Speakerzoid. Quiet Ferocity catapults the band into a sonic stratosphere made up entirely of their own sound. 

They opened with On Your Way Down, with a high tempo electric beat from the first moment. The crowd was jumping up and down and getting down to the famously energetic set. The main demographic were what you would expect, 20 something year olds, full of energy with beers in hand, losing themselves in the guitar driven tunes shouting “we don’t care” along with The Jungle Giants

Photo by Desiree De Bruin

Support act Alice Ivy was a welcome appearance, songs Touch and Get Me A Drink were crowd favourites. The backdrop of the Jungle Giants show mirrored their album art for Quiet Ferocity. High-energy tracks such as Bad Dream and Every Kind of Way continued to make heads bang. 

The Jungle Giants said “this is the most intense tour and we’re really testing our bodies.” Lead singer Sam Hales said to the crowd “thanks for giving us all the energy you have tonight, this has been very special.” He also thanked the audience for selling out the venue, saying “we’re going to give you everything we have.”

The energy of the crowd was ecstatic, they played one last song leaving the crowd wanting more. Fans were chanting “one more song” for a good few minutes before The Jungle Giants jumped back on stage and performed two extra tunes. They ended with Feel the Way I Do, undoubtedly the most popular tune. 

The Jungle Giants were recently announced as an act for this year’s Splendour in the Grass festival. They are evidently establishing themselves as one of the biggest bands coming out of Australia. 


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