Top ten places to eat if you’ve given in to dietary trends


Over the last couple of year’s, cafés have been popping up everywhere that cater to people with dietary requirements including dairy free, gluten free, organic, vegan and vegetarian.

The best part about these cafés is that they are also healthy. All of their ingredients are naturally sourced and made with fruits, vegetables, refined sugars and super foods.

If you’re one of those people who has heard of these cafés but has struggled to find them, or simply love these places and want to know a few more, here is a list of my top ten.

1.  Serotonin Eatery – Deakin students, if you’re looking for a good place to eat this is only 9km away from campus, in Richmond.

The unique design on the inside of the café features traditional Japanese styled tables which create an intimate environment. The outdoor arrangement features a green garden filled with tables and wooden swings to enjoy while waiting for your food to arrive.

The menu choices are all naturally high in serotonin, thus the name of the café, so you’ll leave feeling satisfied. They serve a fantastic acai bowl with a texture almost like ice-cream, where some cafés practically serve cold soup. Their positivity pancakes are also a great choice when ordering. The pancakes are warm, light and fluffy and have a subtle banana flavour.

2.  Mr Black Juicery – Mr Black Juicery is always buzzing with people, which is an obvious sign that a place is good. It’s a small location but it has a cosy feeling with its big windows which allow in a lot of light. Though the main reason to go to this café located in Berwick main street is definitely for the food.

Nacho bowls, smoothie bowls, coco whip ice cream, fruit toast, dip platters, all of it is to die for. Not to mention their large fridge selection filled with lots of different raw treats. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, here you will love it all.

Cited: Store Fifteen

3.  Store Fifteen – Store Fifteen is located on the Main Street in Mornington Peninsula. This makes it the best café to go to on a warm day. The beach sits at the end of the street and an abundance of shops line the walk way down.

The café has a dark urban feel to it with small wooden tables and chairs. The space is rather small and is often filled to capacity with people who love their food just as much as you do.

When dining here you must try their avocado toast. The avocado is drizzled with lemon then topped with pumpkin seeds and feta. They also have an endless drinks menu. Try one of their smoothies, they’re packed with goodness and taste delicious. If you can still manage to fit it in, they also feature a large cabinet or raw treats and fresh muffins which are packed with 100% natural ingredients and are guilt free.

4.  Trei Café – Trei Café is located in Glen Waverly and happens to be a very bright, modern and inviting space. It is one of the larger health cafés, so there won’t be any bumping elbows with the people next to you. Though don’t worry, you’ll still be close enough to lean over and ask what they ordered. The way their food is presented is like art. You’ll definitely take a few pictures for Instagram before you dig in.

The food is so filled with flavour that your taste buds will be bursting. You can’t go wrong ordering sweet or savoury. A great suggestion would be their scrambled eggs on sourdough toast, topped with halloumi cheese, or for the vegans, their coconut hotcakes which are both fluffy and filling.

Cited: Flour and Fern

5.  Flour and Fern – Flour and Fern is located in Berwick Main Street, in a competing location to Mr Black Juicery. It’s a great choice if you have friends that aren’t quite as hip as you, and don’t share the same diet. The café offers meat options, as well as a few cheat meals, such as their delicious sweet potato fries served with aioli or their nutella waffles.

The space is bright with green palm leaves featured on their wall paper and vines hanging from the ceiling, tangled around a horizontal ladder.

Try ordering their vegan burrito bowl which is packed with delicious goodness. It includes avocado, beans, tofu, spinach and rice served with corn chips. Or if you can’t decide on one thing and think you can stomach it, try their breakfast board. This includes an acai bowl with granola, smashed avocado on sourdough toast, a poached egg, a rosti, herb mushrooms, a glass of juice and a bliss ball for dessert.

6.  Island Whole Foods – You can find Island Whole Foods in Cowes, Phillip Island. If you’re a vegetarian for ethical reasons and miss meat, then you must try their fake chicken burger. It almost tastes real. Their burger selections are filled with colourful plants and lots of flavour.

The place also doubles as a whole foods store, offering many options if you’re interested in bringing that lifestyle into your own home. The walls are filled with coconut sugar, buckwheat flour and other staple ingredients to create your own health packed meals and treats.

It’s definitely worth making a day trip down to Phillip Island to go here. Especially on a sunny day. With the beach at the end of the street, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a coco-whip ice cream and eat it on the grass, overlooking the ocean.

7. The Laughing Owl – The Laughing Owl will have you coming in for coffee and cake alone. Their treats are all hand made in store with healthy ingredients and their list of drinks is endless, with unique options such as turmeric and spiced chai lattes.

This is the perfect place to escape to on a cold day for a catch up with friends or family, as it has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

This little café is found in Belgrave main street. If you’re up for a really special afternoon you can even check out the old school cinema, which sits a little further up the street.

Cited: Vegie Bar

8. The Vegie Bar – Vegie Bar is unique as it’s one of the only places that is open for dinner. It is located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, which is a great and lively area to visit during all hours of the day and night.

You’ll most likely have to wait at the bar and have a drink before you’re able to be seated. It can take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes due to the crowds of people that seem to flock there every evening.

The vibe of the place, as well as the food has a rustic feel and taste to it. You can never go wrong with ordering their pizza options. The vegan cheese they use is top quality. The menu features a large variety of options including pasta, burgers, wholefood bowls, burritos, and more, with an option to satisfy many different taste buds.

9.  Urban Projuice – Urban Projuice can be found down a beautiful street in Albert Park. It lives inside a white, old fashioned home that has been re-designed into a stylish cafe.

The menu has lots to offer, including their tempeh burger, burrito bowl, deluxe fritters, DIY spring rolls, buckwheat vanilla pancakes and their weekend waffles which are a speciality on Saturdays and Sundays. Their fluffy pancakes are not to be missed, topped with banana, seasonal fruit, wild berry compote, vegan ice-cream, toasted super-seed crunch and pure maple syrup.

Cited: The Dharma Hub

10.  The Dharma Hub – The Dharma Hub doubles as an art gallery and features an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare your food. The art is pleasant to look at while eating and is all done by local artists and can be purchased in the café.

The feeling and food in this setting is quite rustic. The food features one strong ingredient in each dish which creates a powerful flavour.

Their tofu roti wrap and open dharma burger are a must when ordering. The burger includes a house made curried lentil and chickpea patty with fresh salad, and is topped with beetroot hummus. It is located in Main Street, Frankston and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.


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