Stop posting Memes on Anxiety


What’s on your mind today, Halle? Facebook asks me.

Well Facebook.. I just don’t understand how so many of my friends, colleagues, classmates, and acquaintances can make light of anxiety. Everyday my feed is plagued with  memes or or videos and quotes on anxiety. I appreciate the awareness on mental health. It’s something I want people to continue talking about, but just not in the way it’s being talked about at the moment.

There is an eerie humour to the portrayal of the mental illness take these examples kindly supplied by Buzzfeed

At first glance these memes appear harmless, however the underlying issues is that many of these memes across all social media platforms create a trend. Inviting mental illness as a lifestyle is NOT cool and please don’t diagnose yourself using memes.

I have anxiety. It was environmentally caused not biological. I have had it for about 10 years now and it’s honestly affected everything about my life from my day to day routine, to relationships with people around me.

I’m far from being diplomatic or politically correct in fact I’m the friend who gets a nudge or kick from my other friends when I take my humour with strangers “too far.” But when it comes to mental health I think it’s time we have some REAL discussions about it instead of sugar coating it.


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