What women really think about the gym

Image source: The Telegraph

Women at the gym are having their workouts cut short by the swarm of muscly men who linger at the weights section.

It is no surprise the gym is at the center of many people’s lives. But while some enjoy the luxury of the gym culture, others do not feel particularly welcome – women especially.

Image source: Men’s Health

A social media survey taken by 110 individuals showed that 59 percent of women do not feel comfortable going to the gym alone with the main reason being intimidation felt by the male groups using the gym.

But is it paranoia or are men deliberately intimidating women gym-goers?

Among the females who avoid training in designated weights areas is Estelle, 22, who admits to being afraid of embarrassing herself by attempting a workout.

“I don’t go into the main weights section. I get scared in case I do something wrong like not use the machine properly or make a scene and embarrass myself in any way”, she said.

“I tried to go there alone once and got intimidated that I looked out of place, and not strong enough so I bailed and went to another section.”

In our survey, more than 60 percent of women feel as though they are being judged by men at the gym, while 55 percent of women feel uncomfortable training around them.

Drianne, 24, recently spoke about the unwanted behaviour she’s received in the gym and how difficult it makes her workouts.

Image Source: Screenshot from Connor Murphy’s YouTube Video “Connor Murphy Trains at Planet Fitness”

“When my friend and I went to the gym, there were a bunch of guys training too and they kept grunting, lifting heavier and taking their shirts off.”

“And when we walked away to the HIIT room, we saw they put their shirts back on and didn’t finish their set and went really quiet.”

“It’s just annoying. We just wanted to work out in peace without the pressure of people starring or expecting us to be impressed with how much they can lift.”

The misconception that people at the gym are already in shape is keeping people like Jess from working out at facilities and instead training at home.

“It is just a horrible feeling when you walk into the gym in sweats and a loose t-shirt to then see tanned and toned girls with rocking bodies being able to lift weights in their short tights.”

“It’s more upsetting than motivating, I just feel like I need to slim a bit before working out at the gym even though it’s the whole purpose.”

Amongst the 82 percent of men who believe there is no reason for women to feel insecure at the gym is Rhyss, 24, who thinks the shortage of women in the gym is deeper than insecurities.  

“I think maybe girls training near guys has more to do with them being perved on, rather and being insecure”.

 “Personally, I do care when they train just because it’s good to see the gym active with not just dudes”.

“I do not know anybody personally who would intimidate girls on purpose. Clearly, people go to fix a problem why criticise them if they’re on that journey too. Everyone started somewhere and I guarantee everyone has felt like this too.”



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