Help a homeless pet stay warm this winter at the Lost Dog’s Home

Source: The Lost Dog's Home

Want to lend a helping hand towards pets in need? Start rummaging through your cupboards and pile up some old belongings!

Pre-loved blankets and towels are desperately needed at the Lost Dog’s Home for the upcoming colder months in Melbourne. The Lost Dog’s Home is an animal welfare organisation that cater towards lost or unwanted dogs and cats, aiming to build their confidence and find a forever home for the pets.

Over winter the pets in their care need warmth and comfort to get through chilly nights at the home. 

Cats and kittens also need some attention and care in their small section at the shelter, and would love to cuddle up to some old towels you can spare to help them keep warm and cozy. Currently Melbourne’s Autumn has been colder than usual, which means it’s going to feel like a long winter!

How can you resist these faces? Source: The Lost Dog’s Home

Unfortunately the home can’t use doonas, pillows, sheets or pet beds as these items are found to be very difficult to keep clean and maintain for re-use when another pet is brought in to the shelter. 

If you would like to donate any spare blankets and towels to the Lost Dog’s Home visit their North Melbourne shelter, located at 2 Gracie Street. 


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