The hype of Instagram businesses

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Instagram is changing. These days its not just to share images of the food you just ate on the weekend, but its increasing being used to create an online business whether it be selling homemade paintings or jewellery, a service such as makeup artistry or even just a personal blog. You too could be an Instagram entrepreneur. 

Instagram have made the feature so accessible that setting up a business account is terribly easy, it is a surprise that most people don’t have one yet.

  1. To make an account you must go into settings on your Instagram page and select “switch to business profile”. Once this has been completed all the details of what a business profile entails are explained. 

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2. After reading the information you are asked to set up your profile, you must select what type of category your business will be, which will be shown in your bio on your profile. In doing so this helps to give your job a title.

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3. Finally you are asked to set up your profile, this includes adding contact details as well as switching your account off of private as a business account must be public.

Photo source Deanna Savoia

4. And you now have yourself a business account where you can post at your will!

Although the term “business” on Instagram does not necessarily mean you have to be making money, it could be an outlet to express thoughts and opinions like a blog.

Cp.reads is an Instagram account created by Cartia Pisano who has a love and passion for reading, and utilises her business account to talk to others that have the same devotion for novels and authors.

“I decided to start an Instagram so that I could talk about books I was reading with people who were actually reading them too” said Cartia.

She also proclaims that even though she had to take the steps to set up a “business” account, she does not believe that all Instagram accounts have to be for a profit.

Cartia furthered her reasoning by saying “I don’t see my account as a business at all I just want to talk about books with people. I have no intention of selling my books”.

Although Cartia is not looking into making a profit there are many accounts that have the ability to, such as Makeup By Narz.

Nasia Vetouladitis a young makeup artist with a high following believes that Instagram is a good way to start a business.

“I pursued my business through Instagram because we are in the 21st century and in this day and age we are growing so rapidly fast as a society that we need to keep up with the ins and outs of social media, and beauty being the main trigger I thought what better than to promote myself on a platform which is forever evolving” said Nasia.

Instagram is only just the beginning for the makeup artist, as she wishes to pursue educating others about makeup on Youtube. Evidently, Instagram is an easy place to start.

For all you budding entrepreneurs and bloggers out there, Instagram has just made your establishment of a business or personal page very easy to start up, and it will only get easier as more updates are brought out from Instagram regarding setting up a business. 


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