FAD 45: How F45 has taken over the fitness world.


‘Functional’ 45 is amongst the country’s fastest-growing gym franchises changing the way people work out.

The infamous red, blue and white stripes are seen to be flooding our newsfeeds making F45 the most talked about workout studio in Australia but many are asking, what is the fuss all about?

This fitness phenomenon is designed to transform both the body and mind through functional and high-intensity training into workout sessions that last for (you guessed it) 45 minutes.

With a franchise in almost every suburb in Melbourne, it comes to no surprise that people are turning to F45.

Founder Rob Deutsch told the Sydney Morning Herald his rapidly growing business doesn’t compare to other global franchises and describes F45 as the fastest ever rollout in the country.

“We’re easily faster growing than McDonalds. We’re the fastest ever franchise rollout in Australia and we believe in the world. McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t even go close to that. We are the fourth fastest growing franchise in the world,” he said.

This fast-paced workout is a go-to for those who need guidance and motivation from instructors to train their hardest.

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F45 Mount Waverly trainer Stephanie, 21, says the environment in F45 is designed to encourage people to feel comfortable and is one of the main factors as to why it is so successful.

 “With the exercises that involve weights, people are able to choose what weight they want to use without feeling like they need to lift heavy whereas commercial gyms are filled with meat heads that grunt and lift heavy weights,” she said.

“It’s a fast-paced workout which gives you no time to worry about anyone judging because there is no time where someone is sitting down doing nothing unlike normal commercial gyms where people rest in between sets and just stare making other members feel uncomfortable.”

“We conduct demos at the start of each session and the trainers that work on hand with members are there to correct form and technique and maintain safe practices to make sure no one gets hurt.”

Is it good value for money?

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While the average gym membership ranges from $12-$18 per week, F45 charges members $65 per week with the flexibility to book into a workout as many times as members desire. Many remain skeptical about these prices however with reasons, the cost can be justified.

Personal one-on-one sessions average at $90 each, with the expectation of three per week to see results. Comparing to the F45 clients around the world who are found to partake in an average 3 classes per week, savings up to $205 on personal training sessions are made with an F45 membership.

With the mathematics playing a motivator in Hannah’s life, she finds it a good reason to attend 5 times a week.

“It’s just like any gym, you get your value for money if you go, but with F45 the more you go the cheaper each session technically is,” she claims.

“The more I go, the better results I see”.

“But the prices are not the only thing that motivates me to go. The atmosphere in the studio, the people you meet and the trainers just come together and make it one of the best places to be”.


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