Why going on a cruise is the best way to travel


Going on a cruise has become one of the most popular ways people travel

Going on a cruise has become one of the most popular ways people travel. With costs including food, accommodation, entertainment and use of facilities, cruising has become one of the top choices of travel.

The cruise is a holiday in itself. Cruises are seen as less of a hassle and more of a relaxing getaway, as they simplify the vacation process and cut costs endured on hotels, rental cars, food, and activities.

124 out of 128 members of the Carnival Spirit Cruise Forum on Facebook voted ‘yes’ to cruising being the best way to travel with almost every written response sharing their stress-free experiences.

“No cooking or cleaning, and always having something to do” is what Kerry-Anne, 58, lists as her favourite things about traveling via cruise ship.

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“Imagine what it would cost to have 10 days on the Gold Coast, with restaurant meals 3 times a day, a floor show 4 nights, comedian every night and trips to amazing destinations,” she added.

“A lot more than a cruise”.

The thrill of going to bed and waking up to a new destination has Jenny, 53, cruising for 8 years. She described its perks as de-stressing because travelers don’t need to worry about ‘cooking, cleaning or washing’.

“Unpack once and wake up in a new destination,” she said.

The world’s biggest cruise line, Carnival, is known for its memorable cruise holidays and it  departs regularly from Sydney, Australia.

With trips lasting from 3 to 19 nights, the cruise line does its best to provide guests with a variety of things to do to keep everybody on board entertained for the entire duration of the cruise.

Angel, 59, has traveled with Carnival several times and is a returning guest to the cruise line because of its success in its onboard service.

“No hassle chasing visas, hotels or tours. You can party all night, lots of things to choose to do while on board, or relax if you want to. Only wish I could win the lotto so I can go on them more often.”

But cruising is not just for older people. Cruises are becoming increasingly popular across all age groups. Parents with young children are starting to realise that spending hours at airports, on what seems like endless flights with uncomfortable seating is not the most desirable way to travel.

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“There’s nothing worse than flying with children,” mother of 2, Anne, said.

“I could not imagine spending 10 hours plus on a flight with my two kids so that’s why I choose to go on cruises. So many things to do and nobody is crying because we are all too busy having our own fun.”

Students too are finding cruises a fun new way to see the world.

But is it affordable for students?

After a paying a deposit when booking, Carnival Cruise Line allows travelers to give payments of any amount from up until 75 days prior to departure.

Second-year media student Sarah, 20, claims cruises are affordable for those who are studying, and recommends this type of travel for those considering an overdue holiday.

“I went on a cruise last year when I finished exams and I found it so fun. I was able to pay a small deposit months before we departed, and was able to pay it off throughout the year until a few months before”.

“It is a cheaper way to travel, and as a student, I find it much more affordable, especially because I didn’t have to pay the whole thing up front in one go”.


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