Top 10 Things To Do In Winter: Melbourne Style

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The time has come to don your coat and scarf. But if you don’t like winter and don’t know what to do, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

1.  Hunt Down A Book Store 

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Sherlock Holmes

I know, I know. It’s a cliché! But no, i’m not joking with you on this. There’s nothing like a nice tea, hot chocolate or coffee (whatever takes your fancy), a warm blanket and a book in the cooler months. You’ll pick up something you’ve been wanting to start for ages and while it may take some time to get into the story, you’ll soon be far away from everything that makes you miserable, rain included. Or if you’ve never been into reading and don’t know what to read, choose your favorite movie genre, comic or movie in book form. It will be exactly the same, just a little different! Find the right book for you, biographies and cooking books included, and maybe you might even write a little something yourself. 

2. Go To The QVM Winter Night Market 

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QVM Night Market

Hit the stalls and feast on churros and Jamaican jerk chicken with family and friends at the Queen Victoria Market Night Market. This winter season, look forward to a Wednesday night full of crafts, live entertainment and the smells of dozens of food stalls to tantalize your taste-buds.

3. Crank Up The Heart Rate With An Escape Room 

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What better way to escape the cold than fighting for your freedom in an intense environment? So if you have two to six people who are bored out of their minds, need to use your noggins and want a real life video game experience, head down to one of Melbourne’s escape rooms

4. Melt In The Hot Springs

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After a day of freezing rain, nothing is better than a hot steaming shower or a luxurious bath. But why have a temporary pamper when you can go to the Peninsula Hot Springs and make a day of it? The vicinity provides activities for all ages whether you’re a couple, group or family. Make it a hard earned reward or simply an excuse to celebrate your health and well-being because, well, you deserve it!

5. Experience The Melbourne Planetarium 

Source: Milky Way (Photo by Roanish from Australia (Milky Way 01) CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons) Weekend Notes Website

Natural beauty is always under your nose, or in this case, above your head, but winter isn’t the nicest season when it comes to letting you see the night sky. There’s always clouds in the way or it’s too cold to stand outside and see them, no matter how much you want to. That’s when the Planetarium becomes your shining star in armor! It doesn’t matter what time of day or season you go, it will provide you with a simulated astronomical spectacular to enjoy in the comfort of a reclining seat and surround sound. Or if you really are determined to see the real night sky, don’t give up, Melbourne has a couple places that you just might want to check out. 

6. Fall And Fall Again While Ice Skating

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If you can’t be bothered hitting the gym or going for a run outside the best thing you can do is keep moving. Who says you can’t be as active in winter as you are summer? And you might as well have some fun falling on your butt and making a fool out of yourself, all in good humor with people you are comfortable with, than go to the gym anyway. Or you might be ace, and you’ll go out there and wipe the floor with your amazing skills. Only way to know is to go

7. Sleep Early, Sleep In And Sleep Cozy

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Yes, technically this isn’t a Melbourne only thing to do, but winter is going to make you want to create blanket forts and a-fleece-everything to bundle inside! It’s the nicest season for sleeping, so take advantage of the time where you aren’t boiling and can really get comfortable. Make it your goal to catch up on the Z’s, get ready for many sleep intensified months ahead and realizing that the bear is your spirit animal. 

8. Get Cozy With Coffee 

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Melbourne isn’t the food capital of Australia for nothing, and if you’re picturing yourself with a cuppa in hand and a beanie on your head, you’ve got the right idea. So get the friends together for a breakfast or casual coffee catch up and experience the many spoils this city has to offer. 

9. Bring Out The Inner Theatre Lover

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Melbourne has stolen the lime light with its many theatre venues. The next few months will be jammed with shows to watch and musicals to sing along to including, The School of Rock, Mamma Mia! The Musical, Swan Lake on Ice, The Rocky Horror Show and The Wizard of Oz. So if you don’t like musicals, be prepared to be dragged along anyway because your musical friends will know all the happenings in town. 

10. Get Lost In Wonderland

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If you’re an Alice in Wonderland fanatic look no further! The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is holding an immersive exhibition of the works of Lewis Carroll in Federation Square. This experience will let you walk into his crazy and convoluted world, with imagination just beyond your fingertips and underneath your feet. If you’re feeling a bit small or tall afterwards, don’t worry, it’s all part of the experience! 

Source: Tumblr

So bundle up nice and warm and remember, there’s nothing wrong with a Netflix binge once in a while! 





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