Try not to jam to this Tram Session!


Tram Sessions is not-for-profit group that surprises Melbourne commuters with live band performances.

The idea belongs to Swedish creators, Nicklas Wallberg and Carl Malmsten, who were ‘big fans of music and Melbourne trams’.

By combining the two, they’ve made something unique and wonderful. Melbourne commuter, Julia, said she loved the performance, “It actually lifts your spirits up, which is really good”.  

An issue that Tram Sessions tackles is the closing down of live venues, such as the Ding Dong Lounge in January this year. A recent study by The Melbourne Live Music Census 2017, found that Melbourne has the most live music venues per capita of any global city with 1 venue per 9,503 residents.

Tram Sessions collaborates with Yarra Trams and volunteer cameramen to produce the videos. Organiser of Tram Sessions, Ashley Hills, said she always enjoys being involved in the project.   

“I used to work for a non-for-profit café in the city and I was put on a fundraiser where I needed to find some bands to play. A friend of mine suggested I get in touch with somebody named Nick who had started this project called Tram Sessions, so I went to my office and Googled them and basically fell in love with the project, because I was also at the time obsessed with Takeaway Sessions which is something in the UK”.

“I just begged him to be involved and he let me tag along for 6 months and before I knew it, I was running it”.

On the 1st May Tram Sessions broke their record, having 15 performers on a single tram, with the Australian artists, Mama Kin Spender and the First Chorus Band of Singers. To capture it, there were three people on cameras, two on audio and a photographer.

“I love watching the surprise on people’s faces when we get on board and the music starts playing. I also like watching people who begin irritated and slowly warm up to what’s happening around them, I get a little kick out of that”.

Mama Kin Spender will be performing at the Howler on Thursday 3rd May.     

 Tram Session videos are available to watch anytime at   


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