Meet the face behind Ashleigh Jayne Hair Artistry

Ashleigh in her element at the Beyond Bella Salon. IMAGE: Jessie Hare

Ashleigh Hunt is just 23 years old and is successfully running her own hairdressing business called Ashleigh Jayne Hair Artistry. Without a university degree in business or advertising she has managed to create her business from scratch largely using social media to become a savvy marketer of her own brand.

After just a three year apprenticeship at Chisholm Tafe in Dandenong, leaving with a Certificate III in Hairdressing, Ashleigh now has a different set of skills that aren’t only in hairdressing.

“The skills have come about over time, working in different salons I was able to pick up different skills from other hairdressers and other business minded people.”

“I have never had a loan and I have luckily never had my parents help me with money. I started off using all of my savings to get my business started. I started with close to no clients at all and just worked my way up,” she said.

In 2015, Ashleigh took it upon herself to branch out and make her dream a reality by creating Ashleigh Jayne Hair Artistry. She has used social media as a solid base tool to begin her career as a young entrepreneur.

“Word of mouth is the strongest advertisement for any business and when social media became so strong. I just picked up different techniques and ideas over time, talking to other business owners always helps.”

“Running a business can be so tough, keeping an open mind and always wanting to learn definitely helps with being successful.”

“It definitely isn’t easy but bouncing off other like-minded business people has definitely helped with my business and being successful,” Ashleigh said.”

In three years, Ashleigh has been able to become a sophisticated manager of her own brand. She has been able to focus on what helps her business grow with constantly learning new skills, like not becoming an employer. 

“Hiring the right apprentice took time, I went through a few girls until I found Tylah who I thought suited myself and my business very well. I just knew what I wanted and what I needed and I didn’t stop looking until I found Tylah,” Ashleigh said.  

With support of the people around her and believing in herself in what she can do with her craft is what has made Ashleigh so confident in hairdressing and being a young social media entrepreneur.

“I have so much support around me with my friends and family, they have believed in me but the biggest thing has been believing in myself.”

“I have had such hard days like most people do but at the end of the day you’re only as strong as you were yesterday and you are always able to get through anything you put your mind to. I try to stay so positive and that always helps,” she said.

Over the last few years, Ashleigh has gone from strength to strength. With the help of Instagram, Facebook and word of mouth, she has been able to grow a strong online community for her brand. With Ashleigh having an established following on social media she is able to help her apprentice, Tylah, grow her presence as well which is only going to further Ashleigh Jayne Hair Artistry as a business. This further proving how valuable being on social media can be to building your own brand.

In the video below, you will be able to meet the face behind the name as Ashleigh discusses how she got to where she is today, her tips and tricks on social media for better content and more engagement and how much social media has helped her.


Ashleigh is always looking to grow her brand and welcomes new clients, follow her along on her hairdressing journey on the links below.

Ashleigh Jayne Hair Artistry: InstagramFacebook and website

Ashleigh’s Apprentice, Tylah: Instagram.


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