Aussies are dancing back to their roots

Kevin and his friends who participated in the Big Dance.

It was International Dance Day two weeks ago and Australia celebrated it with its own very style.

Big Dance 2018 is participated by more than 6,000 people from all across Australia.

People all over from Melbourne, Lilydale, Castlemaine, Sydney, Canberra and Darwin danced together at the same time.

This was the first time Australia organised the community art independently, the dance was tailored to the roots of Australian culture.

Indigenous choreographer Frances Rings and New Zealand-born Craig Bary created a blend of indigenous and contemporary dance.

Vice President of Ausdance Victoria Adam Wheeler

Adam Wheeler, Vice President of Ausdance Victoria, said that the main purpose of Big Dance is ‘to get people dancing together’.

“Really the purpose of Big Dance is to celebrate dance, appreciate dance and be able to participate in dance. So allowing anyone, regardless of age, gender, culture to be able to be part of an experience like this,” he said.

The event was participated by people of all age, nationalities and culture.

Shiamak Bollywood Dance School participated in the Big Dance and performed one of their dances from India.

There was a Hip Hop workshop to showcase another stream of dance by Indigenous Hip Hop project.

E.motion 21, a not-for-profit dance and fitness organisation for children and young adults with Downs syndrome also participated and performed.

A teacher from E.motion 21 Paige was glad to be involved in the events with her students.

“We all came to this event, because we thought it would be a great inclusive environment for our students,” Paige said.

“I think it’s a great way to get everyone from all walks of life to involve in dance, no matter what ability they have. So everyone’s allowed to be involved,” she continued.

Other participants in Federation Square also enjoyed dancing with hundreds of people.

Steph and her dance school members who participated in the dance.

Here are what some of the participants say about this year’s Big Dance:


I feel like I’ve achieved something, I don’t normally dance as part of my normal everyday life. So it’s been beautiful to come together with all different people and dance together as a team. So yeah, I feel good.


Amazing, it was such a great experience, so good. [I hope] that everyone knows they can dance to whatever they want to, be happy. There’s just so many ways to achieve that.


It’s pretty cool, I mean all these people – there’s about 200-300 people coming together on Federation Square and we do this dance. And then it’s the atmosphere around the people. I mean it’s not an easy dance, because we practice and rehearse for it for weeks. But I just feel like it’s really good to come over and do it together as a community, from Melbourne, Australia, Victoria and around Sydney and all around Australia.

Kevin and his friends who participated in the Big Dance.

Adam Wheeler also encouraged everyone to dance in all of their capacities, even by joining a dance class.

“My message to date and has been for a while now, if you have an inkling to want to do a dance class or an inkling to be part of dance and you’re a bit afraid of doing it, don’t. People that dance are lovely people. Doesn’t matter what genre it is, what you’re interested in, get yourself into a dance class today,” Adam said.

Below is the live stream from Ausdance Victoria on Big Dance.



For more information on the Big Dance:

Big Dance website

Ausdance Victoria website


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