Ball Park Music in Groovin the Moo, Bendigo


When Sam Cromack sang “Last night is sinking in…” from The Perfect Life Does Not Exist, I knew it would be my go-to song for the next few days to cope with withdrawals from Ball Park Music’s Groovin the Moo act. 

Ball Park Music’s set was scheduled right in the middle of a Flight Facilities set happening next door on the Triple J main stage. Given how excited everyone around me was for Flight Facilities, I did wonder if Ball Park Music would be able to draw a crowd. But halfway through Flight Facilities I made my way towards the Moolin Rouge tent, and I was not the only one. Formed in 2008, Ball Park Music have managed to secure a steady fanbase although a slightly smaller audience compared to Flight Facilities, the crowd steadily expanded as the performance progressed. 

The stage was decorated with the indie band’s signature fun bright colours reflected on projection screens, with the band emerging just a few minutes late into their 9:20 pm set and immediately enveloped us with Jennifer Boyce’s bass, Paul Furness’ piano, Dean and Daniel Hanson’s guitar and drums respectively completed with Sam Cromack’s spot-on vocals. 

It’s Nice to be Alive, Hands Off my Body, Literally Baby, Whipping Boy and She Only Loves Me When I’m There was a combination of teenage angst, raw honesty and appreciation to our conventional life. The energy came with no surprise at all as the five-piece band met as university students while taking a music technology course. 

Their cynical and straightforward lyrics were familiarly pleasing to the ears of fans and even newcomers who would be able to relate and sing along with the crowd. Everything is Shit Except my Friendship with You was dedicated to every friendship in the pool of crowd, as some of them linked hands and danced with each other while pushing what was left of our vocals.

During the last quarter of the set, half a dozen large-sized beach balls were released into the crowd while the Brisbane indie band took fans back to the good old days. 

When the familiar melody from Exactly How You Are came on, everyone was already ready to sing along with the anthem. Ending the night with Trippin’ the Light is Fantastic and showering everyone with a generous amount of confetti, Ball Park Music effortlessly filled the room with bursts of momentum that would linger in the tent afterwards and memories that would last a lifetime.   

Overall, Ball Park Music delivered a solid live performance with listeners craving for more and I wouldn’t envision the festival ending any other way.  

If you want more of Ball Park Music, here’s a little behind-the-scenes clip of Hands Off My Body exclusively for Groovin the Moo TV. 



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