5 apps that will help you get on top of university stress

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As university students head into the final weeks before assessment and exam deadlines approach, stress can become a difficult factor to manage. Students can use apps to help keep track of their health and wellbeing as well as keep on top of their work.

  1. My Study Life
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This app is a digital diary where you are able to keep track of those impending deadlines, and schedule in when you are going to study for each unit. My Study Life is easy to use and navigate with a guide on how to work the app once you create an account. Basically you can fall back on this app when everything starts to get a bit too much, and organise your thoughts, through the diary and to do list. It also has helpful notifications that remind you of work that needs to be done, which can pop up on the lock screen of your phone. 

One review for this app wrote “I found this app amazing for university timetabling, with a good layout and assessment planner”.

2. Stop, Breathe & Think

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Ever tried to get into meditation and couldn’t? This app is full of meditation and mindfulness that is tailored to your personal needs, as you choose what you want to focus on, such as breathing exercises. It is a plus for university students that are busy and don’t have much time, as guided meditation can be as short as a minute. This app is free, but a few of the guided meditations can only be used if you subscribe to be a premium user, but the basics are all you need to exhale your stress.

One review for this app stated “I agree this is the most helpful app out there for stress, anxiety or depression, and I use mediation to help my stress and keeping up with school”.

3. Quizlet 

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This app is great for studying and in a fun way, it allows you to make personal flashcards for all those theories that have to be memorised, and even lets you create learning games to spice up your study. You can also choose flashcards from study sets that have already been made, there are so many to choose from that it makes study so much easier. This is also a great way to interact with class mates from the same units, as flashcard sets can be made public and so helpful notes can be shared.

One review for this app said “absolutely loving this app. Makes studying course content so much easier, and great to be able to do revision on the go”.

4. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

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Sleep is so important for students, but it can be especially hard with so many thoughts on your mind, as well as the late nights studying. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock tracks your sleeping patterns, and in doing so it can wake you up when you’re at the ‘light sleep’ stage, which will make you feel more rested as the alarm is waking you up naturally.

One review reads “such a great app! It’s very accurate for me and ‘sleep notes’ is a great feature that allows me to determine what helps me get a better sleep”.

5. Oxford English Dictionary 

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Everyone needs to have the Oxford English Dictionary app, it is so quick and easy to look up definitions, and definitely enhances your work credibility when writing an essay. Due to it being an app, it is always updated with the word database from the Oxford University Press, giving you the latest. There are search tools and learning tools to help improve your vocabulary and learn new words each day that can be used at university.

A review wrote “I love this dictionary! It has everything I need for my school and homework. I know I can trust the info it gives me and work with it”.


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