Price to Pay for Cosmetic Surgery


Australians are now spending over one billion dollars annually on cosmetic surgeries every year, and it’s become a world-wide phenomenon. Women in their 20s and 30s are willing to pay upwards of thousands of dollars to ‘enhance’ their beauty to feel comfortable in their new skin.

However, with the added popularity in cosmetic procedures the numbers of botched jobs and need for reversals is also on the rise. 

As four out of five women aren’t completely satisfied with how they look, the desire to change certain subtleties about themselves is rife. Marketers and large multinational companies play into this lack of self esteem with beauty products, and when women aren’t satisfied they want more permanent change, they look to cosmetic procedures to lift their confidence.

“This new cross-cultural research highlights the reality that low body-esteem prevents many women from fully engaging in life,” says Dr Susan Paxton

“Women feel the pressures to look their best especially as they are getting older, we don’t want wrinkles we can prevent”, says 26 year old beauty specialist Libby, who has had ‘preventative’ botox and lip fillers. “I personally just don’t want to age. I even fear my birthday!” she jokes. 

Procedures such as lip fillers, botox, discolouration, saggy skin, chin and cheek enhancements are becoming much more socially acceptable. It can be argued that celebrities like the Kardashians clan have made it feel that way as they have all had work done, no doubt because they feel the pressures from Hollywood to literally keep up.

Furthermore, with the rise of Instagram models, we’re seeing a growing trend of cosmetic surgery accounts with thousands of followers. The Kardashian’s Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr Simon Ourian has amassed over 2.5million followers, inspiring a generational shift to aspire to undergo procedures. With captions to videos explaining the pain levels, cost and procedure involved to things like stretch mark reduction, under eye dark circles and even entire body contouring treatments all encouraging girls with the ease of the process making it seem very attainable and therefore aspirational. 

Kylie Jenner lip filler

Dr Susan Paxton agrees after reflection on the 2016 Dove Campaign that “women are under many pressures to conform to beauty ideals, social media is presenting a new challenge and adding pressure to look a certain way.”

Though beauty procedures don’t come without their fare share of risk involved, and it’s crucial that women undergoing such procedures are aware of all the potential side effects, that in some cases can even be life threatening. 

Instead of going down the path of cosmetic procedures really think about why you want to change your appearance. Large beauty companies and men should accept women for their natural beauty, as well as that, women should support each other and not put pressure on one another to look a certain way or encouraging each other to get procedures. However, if you do or a woman decides to, it’s completely her choice and that should be supported too instead of demonised.

Otherwise, enjoy the ageing process rather than fearing it, and the confidence from within will exude an endearing face which will look younger and you can be proud to say you aged gracefully. If you’re happy from within, it will only show on the outside.

Meryl Streep, 68 years old

Happiness depends on your attitude, not what you have or look like. Nothing is worse than duck lips and a face free of a life well lived of character lines. Imperfection is what makes us unique, and why would you want to look like anyone else anyway when you can look like you?


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