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Show your PRIDE this Pride Week


Pride Week has kicked off this week at Deakin University.

Special events are taking place daily on Morgan’s Way where you can pick up some rainbow flags, ribbons and candy canes.

Across the week we’ve seen Deakin students celebrating Pride Week.

They’re spreading some cheer by playing games like Jenga to bring everyone together. Free food is also being shared- another major activity that brings people together. 

The Awesome Women’s Circus Duo performed today, encouraging people to get involved and give Hula-Hooping a try.

Akshata, an intern at Deakin University’s Division of Student Life (a group partnered with the Student Association to create respectful communities) said the PRIDE week organisers are just trying to have fun.  

“It’s important because everybody should feel included, for a very long time in the history of mankind, people in the LGBTQ community have been shut out and since last year when marriage equality came to Australia it’s very important to show our support. It’s mostly to spread positivity and inclusiveness on campus”.     

Tomorrow is the 17th May, which marks the event of IDAHOBIT Day. 

IDAHOBIT Day is the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia (IDAHOBIT), created in 2004 to appreciate LGBTIQ people across the world.

In 1990, the World Health Organization approved the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD 10), which abolished homosexuality as a diagnosis. 

Since 2013, when the Gillard Labor government legislated an amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act, it is illegal in Australia to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status. However, 6 in every 10 people have experienced verbal homophobic abuse.   

The LGBTIQ community have a higher risk of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. This can be related to the stresses of ‘coming out’, hiding their true identity, bullying in schools, domestic violence and overall pressure from society. IDAHOBIT Day was made to identity these issues and to talk openly about them.

What can you do to help?

-Speak out against discrimination

-Understand LGBTQI issues

-Show your support on social media

Donate to support groups


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