Supernatural: All Hell Breaks Loose 9

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Supernatural fanatics watch out!

You’ll be happy to hear that The Hub Production’s All Hell Breaks Loose 9 Convention is coming to Sydney and Melbourne on the 23rd and 24th of June. The Sydney venue will be at Sir John Clancy Auditorium, while the Melbourne venue is Plenary, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

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If you’ve wanted to meet some of the stars for a while, now is your chance to have a day filled with stories, festivities, a sing-along, and photograph and autograph opportunities. 

Source: The Hub Productions

The Supernatural guest stars who will be making an appearance include:

  • Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer
  • Misha Collins who plays Castiel 
  • Matt Cohen who acts as young John Winchester and Archangel Michael 
  • Richard Speight Jr who acts as Archangel Gabriel and Deity Loki
  • Adam Fergus who plays Mick Davies 
  • David Haydn-Jones who plays Arthur Ketch

With prices ranging from $180 to $1750 the event does not come cheap. But something like this isn’t always going to be around when you are, so if you’re free and have been waiting for something like this to come around, take it! Tickets are available online.  

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It’s just the right thing to do after the end of the last Supernatural episode, but don’t worry there are no spoilers here!



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