Telcos Go To War – And It is Great For Consumers


For many years, the debate over which mobile provider is better has sparked conversation among Australian consumers. Specifically comparing Vodafone, Optus and Telstra, it is fair to say that these providers are in competition, and it is great for consumers. Our money is going further,  the network quality is strengthening and the amount of data is growing. 

On the 1st of May, Telstra announced its next salvo – the endless data mobile plan – starting a new round in the war against the telcos.

As students, pricing and data are the two most important features of a mobile plan. So why has it taken telcos so long to provide this to their loyal customers?

Vodafone has long been offering the most affordable pricing, with ridiculous amounts of data, for years. The only issue, their network coverage. Although they boast to have coverage for over “22 million Australians”, ex-Vodafone user Lisa Fontanini is among the thousands who distanced themselves from the carrier due to the unreliable network, “I constantly spent hours on end trying to inform the company that I had no network, but it fell on deaf ears. Great deals but how can I take advantage of them if I can’t even use my phone?” 

Optus has fought back and launched their $49 Samsung s9 deal. Yes, you heard right, $49 for a brand new $1300 phone, with 10gb of data. Despite their reputation for shocking coverage, Optus have changed the game and put their consumers first. As a student, this deal is perfect for you, as in comparison at Telstra, over 24 months you’ll be paying approximately $720 more. Let that sink in.

Telstra’s endless data is a first for the nation’s dominant telco company. Their coverage has always been the greatest around the nation, but, as Optus has recently stated, “Empires end. That’s what they do”. Last week saw three separate significant service dropouts that left thousands without the use of their device. Consumers are paying top dollar for unreliable service, which in some way is highway robbery. However, the company holds  Australia’s leading market share, meaning that despite their recent faults, they are still a premium service with the fastest speeds nationwide.

So students, where’s the best place to invest your time and money?

If you are looking for low prices and high data allowances, but aren’t fussed on fast speed, then look no further than Vodafone.

If having the latest phone for less than $13 a week is appealing to you, then it’s time to walk into Optus and sign your number away.

If fast speeds, wide network coverage and premium services is appealing to you, then you should port your number over to Telstra.

All in all, it’s important to not forget that deals are always changing, and with the 2018/2019 financial year about to begin, it may be wise to hold out and watch this telco war play out.


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