The Ball Tampering Made History


We Stand With Smith.


Cheating is never a good thing; however, it happens in every sport. Admitting and owning the mistake of it takes humility and courage which some people lack these days. The incident that happened in South Africa, Cape Town was nothing short of undignified sportsmanship, but really was it that bad?

The actual fans of the Australian National Team are much less judgemental than many of the talking heads on television. Fans who objected to the pile-on against Smith took to Federation Square with cricket balls, sandpaper and posters that read “I stand with Smith”, to protest against the media’s vilification of the team. 

Jack aka “Don Bradmeme” said: “It’s gonna be a historic day for all Australians. I think it’s time we embrace our great ball-tamperers as heroes, I think it’s time.”


There you have it; what they did wasn’t all that bad. It was just blown out of proportion. A bit of lesson can be learned through all of this. You can’t fully place your trust in the media.


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