Why We Should All Fail MORE


Failure is often viewed as unacceptable in modern society, and therefore not considered an option as it’s looked upon in a negative light. We are taught to aspire to success and always be ‘busy’ and keep up with one another. Often, that’s why those who can’t essentially ‘keep up’ begin to see themselves as a failure of society and demonise themselves for not fitting in. They will ask themselves, “what’s wrong with me? Everyone else is getting ahead.” But the truth is, nothing is how it seems on the surface. 

Those who fail in their pursuits should be celebrated rather than demonised. Because those who fail in the first place, are the real risk-takers, the ones who are out there trying; and those who try, are the ones really living. If you don’t fail at least once you’re not taking risks or challenging yourself. 

With failure can come persistence and self motivation. If a person is rejected or an idea is not working out for them the first time, we’ve seen multiple examples in history where failure sparks an ongoing human urge which can really motivate one to try harder over and over again at something. 

J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter was rejected by twelve major publications, and she certainly felt like a failure at the time. Being recently divorced, out of a job and with a child, she suffered depression, ending up on government welfare. Despite the difficult time in her life, she pushed through the failure that was her life and persisted to get Harry Potter out there. We now know her courage to continue to proceed led her to become the “richest” novelist in the world.

via The Telegraph

Another great example, is Thomas Edison. Allegedly he failed more than 10,000 times to invent a commercially viable electric lightbulb and today, we have light thanks to all of his failures, belief and persistence. 

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However, according to Psychology Today, this is completely reflective on ones personality, the articles that “expectations are highly personal in the sense that they depend on experience (a prior outcome could make you very confident about your future success or could convince you that your efforts were doomed” and therefore, if you’re highly sensitive it’s unlikely to be much emotionally harder to continue to pick yourself up again. 

So next time you fail at something, I suggest you smile instead of seeing it as a negative. If you try to go through life without failing at anything, then you’re not living a life at all. A baby will attempt to walk many times and fall down over again, this is in fact failure, though with persistence eventually the baby will walk from trying

Taking risks and falling down flat on our faces is part of life, it makes us into who we are.The most successful people in the world have failed the most times. Just be thankful when you fail that you had the courage to begin a project or task in the first place, as all these small things, achieved or not, are shaping your personality and only strengthening your character. Without great risks been taken, there would simply be no great stories. 



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