Yee haw! Westworld is back


Did you ever think that one of the most popular television series in 2018 would be a Western? 

Westworld is a HBO television series adaptation of the 1973 film, titled by the same name.  

The long-awaited season two of Westworld has kicked off with a bang. With the hosts now gaining consciousness, the stakes are higher than ever. They’re literally life and death.

The new season brings with it the anticipation of the characters collision with the real world. With the two worlds now fighting for dominance, a war lies ahead.

This season is one for new character arcs, with some unexpected pairings including Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Lee (Simon Quaterman) teaming up, as she searches the park for her daughter.

Expect some character development and background information into the creation of Westworld as well as some strong female leads.

“Have you ever seen anything so full of splendour?”- Delores episode 2, season 2   

The show continues its beloved themes of good and evil and what classifies something as being ‘human’. Is it emotion, memory, or something more substantial? This is the perfect commentary for this day in age when use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common, such as through the recently released Google Home.   

The director of the premier episode, Richard J. Lewis, has previously worked on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Person of Interest. The first episode of the new season, ‘Journey into the Night’, runs for 66 minutes. It feels more like a full length movie, thanks to it having so much action and drama packed into a single episode.  

A downfall to the new season is that there is a lot of build up for what’s to come. The first few episodes are putting the pieces together for some big reveals. This is clever, as it has left the audience intrigued as to what’s coming next.

Of course what will come will be big, however, the journey to get there can leave the audience wanting more. Sitting through so many monologues can get tiresome at times.

The stand-out of the episode is the character change of Delores, played by American actress Evan Rachel Wood, who is seeking vengeance down a path of death and destruction. This is entertaining to watch as it opposes her sweet and clueless role in season one.  

A new opening for the show has been made, with some beautiful images. It retains the same theme music, which is good news for those who loved the original introduction.

Fans are patiently awaiting the comeback of Shogun World, themed after Imperial Japan. This world was hinted at in the first season and would be the first reveal of a rumoured six parks in total.

Four episodes have been released to date and you can watch them at Foxtel Now.  

Westworld Season 2 is currently rated at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average episode score of 96%.



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