ESPN and Netflix Set to Make 10-Part MJ Documentary

His Airness. Image: Getty

ESPN and Netflix have dropped a bombshell, announcing that a multi-part documentary on Michael Jordan is set to be released in 2019.

The film will feature the best parts of more than “500 hours of unseen footage”, Netflix says, and will be titled The Last Dance.

The announcement comes in the wake of numerous NBA media outlets debating whether LeBron James has overtaken Michael Jordan as the greatest of all time.

The case for LsBron to be called the GOAT is understandable but he also has the advantage of playing currently and being fresh in the minds of the NBA community.

ESPN has responded to the Lebron hype by dropping the news of the Jordan-centred documentary via Twitter on Tuesday morning.

The most crucial aspect of the report was that Jordan himself has signed on for full participation.

This came as a shock as the often-reserved former Bull has contributed little to documentaries surround his legacy in the past.

Whether this change of heart has anything to do with Jordan wanting to voice his opinion on the ‘best player of all time’ debate is yet to be seen but the excitement is building for the six-time champion’s input.

Fans wish they could have seen these two face off. Image: Ufimix

Whilst LeBron has all but locked in his status as the second greatest player to play the game, many would say he still has some way to go before being known as the GOAT.

There are arguments supporting both sides but in the media it always seems that those who are on Jordan’s side of the argument watched him play.

It would be difficult to say Jordan is better if you never saw him at the peak of his powers so the documentary will give a younger audience a chance to experience the hysteria themselves.

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The film will be the next instalment in ESPN’s ‘30 for 30’ series which features more than 90 sports documentaries by acclaimed filmmakers.

The Last Dance will be directed by Jason Heir, who has had success in the sports documentary field before with Andre the Giant, The ’85 Bears and The Fab Five.

The biggest game changer for The Last Dance – Netflix is on board.

Time for Netflix to play ball. Image: The Daily Dot

ESPN being in conjunction with Netflix is great news for sports fans.

Not only will the Jordan film be on the streaming platform but a relationship between the two companies allows for other ‘30 for 30’ films to hit the small screen.

Many of these documentaries are sporting masterpieces but have little fanfare due to seemingly only being available to legally watch on DVD.

No longer will fans have to purchase these outdated mediums to watch historic sporting moments if Netflix and ESPN join forces for numerous titles.

The 10-part documentary is likely to be split into chronological films detailing Jordan’s life and career.

Michael Jordan in his college days. Image: HERO Sports

ESPN’s ‘30 for 30’ series is not foreign to these lengthy documentaries with two of their most recent films being split into five and three parts, respectively.

The company’s most recent five-part documentary titled O.J.: Made in America details the rise and fall of OJ Simpson and was received extremely well by fans and critics.

ESPN’s documentaries have continued to improved over the years and, with Jordan fully committed to this one, it has grounds to be the best one yet.

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