2018 Scavenger Hunt Registration Now Open

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GISH stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt. 

“It will be the most incredible joyful, exciting, scary and liberating event you will ever partake in. As a side benefit you’ll lose most of your sanity. What’s not to like?,” Misha Collins said in an interview with Guinness World Records. 

It used to be called GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) and began when actor Misha Collins (Supernatural) started a casual yet wacky rhino puzzle scavenger hunt to involve his followers and get them to be more engaged with the show Supernatural. The puzzle was such a hit and created such a buzz that Collins decided he didn’t want this new found energy to stop and so he founded the official GISHWHES in 2011. It has even broken several Guinness World Records!

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Teams of 9-15 people from around the world, be they strangers or friends, would compete to complete a series of challenges inside one week. Participation fees would then go towards Random Acts, a non-profit organisation run by Collins that aims to encourage random acts of kindness. 

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Some items from the 2017 Hunt included:

  • #5
    42 POINTS
    Nobody likes elevator music in an elevator – unless it’s flute or pan flute music played by a wood nymph. (We must see unsuspecting passengers in the elevator with the wood nymph.
  • #6
    19 POINTS
    Re-enact the experience of your birth, using (only) shadow puppets.
  • #7
    44 POINTS
    (Up to 2 minutes.) You love your grandparents, or your great-grandparents, but you’ve never heard their stories. Get one of them to tell you about the two most transformative experiences of their early life, before they turned 30. These must be experiences that shaped them into the people they are today. They may be difficult situations or lucky ones, but they must be transformative. Subject(s) must be more than 80 years old.
  • #14
    48 POINTS
    Over the years GISHWHES has always been a supporter of first responders (firemen, paramedics, ER medics, nurses, police, etc.). Let’s give them one last treatment of a proper gishwhes “THANK YOU!” Find your nearest and dearest first responders and bring them The Most Epic Cookies or Pastries the World Has Ever Seen (MECOPWHES).
  • #22
    50 POINTS
    We finally have a confirmed sighting of a mythical beast from urban legends (Bigfoot, Nessie, Yeti, etc.) suffering the effects of climate change.

In 2017, Collins revealed that it would be the last ever GISHWHES and told everyone to make the final year the best yet. But when the time came to end the hunt, he had a change of heart and told everyone that it would be back in one way or another and so, GISH was born!


Play free GISH Challenges year-round on the app. You can play solo or with friends. Then submit photo and video evidence of what you did to win points and valuable (and not-so-valuable) prizes!

The hunt begins July 28 and goes until August 4th, and you’ll be busy completing all or some of the 200 abnormal items on the list! Do it for the fun or do it to win and the whole team goes on a trip, with last year’s winners going to Iceland. 

Registration is now open and you too can do crazy, weird and wacky things that can be seen as totally acceptable and extremely kind. So register here or on the GISH app to join the annual Hunt! 


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