8 out of 10 top-paying Australian jobs are for university graduates

Credit: SBS

 The latest statistics released from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) reveals that 8 out of 10 of the highest paid earners in the country are university graduates.

Surgeons came in at number one on an average yearly income of a whopping $399,467, closely followed by Anesthetists earning $359,056. A surprising statistic showed that there are only 3,822 surgeons compared to 166,741 chief executives and managing directors. This is most encouraging for university students to stick it out and complete their degree.

Professor Ian Symonds, the Dean of Medicine at the Adelaide Medical School, at the University of Adelaide says that medicine is a great career path to follow.

“Being a doctor puts you in a unique position to make a difference to the health of individuals and communities. It combines a desire to make a difference in the world with health and science. Medicine offers a global career—from world-leading physicians to working in third world countries—the opportunities are endless,” said Prof Symonds.

“Studying medicine takes dedication and, therefore, it needs to be something you are truly passionate about. For students looking to follow a pathway to medicine, getting into the degree is only the first step as medicine becomes a journey of lifelong learning”.

He also believes having a good bedside manner is imperative in the world we live in today.

“There is a strong focus on bedside teaching in medicine, so it is important to develop communication skills. Students will be expected to communicate with patients, often during times of distress, so traits like empathy and listening are vital,” said Prof Symonds.

The statistics are very encouraging for university students who spend time and effort studying their degrees, it shows that they can and will be rewarded.

University of Adelaide 3rd year Medical student Deepak Lamba sees the potential in sticking out the degree. “6 years is a long time to study and not be able to hold a proper fulltime job but I know in the end it will pay off and I will really enjoy what I do, as well as the pay is very good.”

Top 10 occupations

Surgeons $399,467

Anesthetists $359,056

Internal Medicine Specialists $291,140

Financial Dealers 263,309

Psychiatrists $211,024

Other Medical Practioners $199,590

Judicial and other legal professionals $198,219

Mining Engineers $166,557

Chief executives and managing directors $158,249

Engineering Managers $148,852

The top tip from these latest statistics released from the ATO is to stay in school.


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