Arctic Monkey’s First Album in Four Years : Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

Feature Image Source: Official Charts

“Have I told you all about the time that I got sucked into a hole” sings band’s front man Alex Turner on one of their new tracks ‘Batphone’. And it seems a hole is exactly where the band has been – on a musical hiatus for four years. Since their previous album ‘AM’ was released in September 2013, fans have been patiently waiting for any sign of new work. Thankfully on the 11th of May the band released their sixth studio album, ‘Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’. 

Arctic Monkeys are known for their punk-rock work, and if you’re wanting that same rock vibe, then this album is definitely not for you.’Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino’ is a massive change of direction for the band. It has a loungey, moody tone that never seems to reach its peak. Listening to the album from start to finish, the whole thing seems to fall quite flat, especially in comparison to their previous hard rock songs such as ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’ and ‘R U Mine’. 

There’s no question that the vocals are impressive on the album, but that’s a given when listening to any music voiced by Alex Turner. But as for many tracks, strong lead vocals do not make it successful. If you’re thinking of giving any song a try, listen to ‘Four Out of Five’, their first single released. It is a song that stands out amongst the album, being the catchiest of the eleven tracks. 

The album isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s also not great. It’s not the album Arctic Monkey’s fans wanted, and after the band’s four year long hiatus, it’s not the album they deserved either. 


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