The Royal Family – Is It Relevant to Australian Students?

Feature Image Source: The Daily Express

With the hype of the upcoming Royal Wedding at its peak, discussions are increasing around the Royal Family and whether or not Australia should still be a part of the Commonwealth. More than this though, I wondered if Australian students even cared about the Royal Family anymore, with many students being forward thinking millennials, that I assumed would be republicans. I completed a survey asking students between the ages of 18 to 30 years of age, questions regarding the Royal Family and Australia as a Commonwealth country.  

I started off with the most obvious question in current media, will they be watching the upcoming Royal Wedding? As someone who’s actually quite excited to watch it, I was surprised to see that 50% of my fellow students were not planning on watching it. Even more surprising was that 31% said they hadn’t really thought about it and were unsure whether they would watch it. With all the media and hype around the wedding, many students still hadn’t taken the time to even think about the wedding. Did this show that millennials just don’t care about the royals? 

Well according to my next question, that is not true. 50% said they did still care about the Royal Family despite 50% previously saying that were not going to watch the wedding. So maybe it’s just the wedding they don’t care about? 

Next up was the question I was most interested in, do they think Australia should still be a apart of the commonwealth? Despite 44% of people saying they don’t care about the royal family, 63% said they still wanted Australia to be a part of the commonwealth, with one person saying that the royals aren’t necessary for Australian politics, “We have our own prime minister, the queen and the royal family aren’t needed”. What surprised me the most from this question was that 6% said they were unsure on the topic, with one person saying they “didn’t know much about politics”. I found this surprising because I thought that millennials were very much a part of the political discussion in Australia. 

So what does this survey say about Australian students? It shows that they are divided on the topic of the royals and Australia as a commonwealth. But maybe their opinions will change once the wedding is done and dusted and the royal hype has died down. 


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