College can get pretty crazy even more so if you have moved out of home. These students share their wildest, craziest and zaniest stories which they have experienced share accommodations first-hand. If you think your college times were ridiculous, wait until you read some of these. Let these stories serve both as an entertainment of somewhat and a lesson for all of you readers out there that even at the most mundane of moments can be turned into something unbelievable.

“After sometime of living with my parents they thought it was time to be independent and move live closer to school. So, I moved into shared accommodation this year on Burwood highway which was pretty much closer to school. However, few weeks after moving in one housemate decided that it would be cool if we stayed up all night most nights, shouting and screaming down the corridor and knocking on people’s doors then run away. He always had his girlfriend all day everyday who none of us could stand. She would leave her food on the floor which the boyfriend refused to clean up and would end up rotting forcing me to clean up.  We decided to hold a “flat meeting” and sat him down and told him to grow up and just shut it for a few weeks. His girlfriend has also developed a habit of inviting her own friends over to our flat, for them to trash as well it’s just getting really really annoying and we’ve all had enough” Tony, Deakin University student.

Well that could be really annoying. According to a survey done across Deakin and Latrobe University I gathered some of the most annoying roommates habits. Read this and see if you can relate to any;


  • When roommate slams door especially when you’re asleep, annoying right?
  • Talking loudly over the phone like as if he or she is trying to make some public announcement
  • Using things that belong to other house mate’s without even asking and assuming if they asked you’d be okay with it
  • Not cleaning up the kitchen, as we all know the heart of a home is the kitchen, it is so annoying to get plates and pans lying there for three days.
  • Having your house for a club every weekend, ever had that one

Sharon, an international student from India, shared her worst experience on the Flatmates website.

She said: “When I came to Australia accommodation was one of the most important things I had to look for. While I stayed with my friend for a few days she recommended I search for a share house on flatmates one of the most used website by students looking for accommodation. 

People would write their personalities and what they are looking for in order for them to share accommodation. For instance, ‘Hi I am looking for a nice, tidy and respectful male or female to share in nice triple room.’ Or ‘We’re young, energetic, social and looking for a place to stay. We like to have a drink but don’t worry we won’t be too loud PS we are 4:20 friendly.’

Sharon said: “The only thing I saw was 4:20 (marijuana) and I was already up to moving in with my new housemates. Weeks later I realised one of my housemates had been dealing weed, hard drugs and lots more I don’t know for how long now.’

She added: “Well I didn’t have a problem with them smoking in the house because I also did it once in a while, but the dealing in the house was wrong in all ways. Strangers would come in and out of the house to pick up some drugs from him they even directly came in through the back door which was directly next to my room. I was frustrated and always scared that one day the cops would surprise me. I didn’t report the issue as I did not want to be the snitch of the year. I couldn’t move out for the next three months because of my contract.  It felt like I was living with Pablo Escobar and the feeling was so bad that each time someone walked through the door my heart beat ten time faster than its normal speed.”  Sharon – Latrobe University.

Hanna, a Deakin student, had to deal with a thieving roommate: “My roommate, despite being talked to a couple of times, always ends up stealing things that seem to be only mine, just because I’m closest to her in the accommodation. I check my  cupboard most weekends and she’s drank lots of my alcohol. She says that anyone can take her stuff at any time, but she barely has any stuff one can steal and she basically takes everyone’s.
I still haven’t figured what to do with her because I confronted her and she still won’t stop. I can’t keep most of my stuff in my room because my room is incredibly tiny.  One day I will just add something special to my drink and when she’s done with it I reckon she will never try it again.” Hanna – Deakin university.

There’s plenty of weird, annoying and funny stories about student accommodation. The following are a few tips students should really look at before getting into a share accommodation. This will help you avoid hell roommates, there’s lots of them out there.

  1. Take your time when choosing flatmates, one should know the qualities your looking for in a roommate.
  2. Consider some factors: drinking and smoking habits, Gender and age, interests and hobbies, their social structure.
  3. If you are replacing a housemate who left, get the agent’s written permission to add someone or sublet the lease
  4. Try and set rules with the rest of your house mates.
  5. Respect each other’s other roommates: be considerate, be clean, keep your hands off another people’s stuff

Sometimes this may not work and roommates will still drive you nuts. While cleaning, respecting and the set rules backfire all is not lost even when it seems like it.

All you have to do is deal with it, talk to your roommates, talk to your landlord or get out of the room which will probably be the easiest solution.




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