Smartphones: A Better World


Smartphones have definitely revolutionized the whole world. No one can protest otherwise; from sending text messages to mobile banking to apps with numerous features to organise and plan our schedules, they have evolved to assist us in our personal and professional life in much better ways.

When people call for a ‘digital detox’ or complain that we are all spending too much time on our screens are they really calling for us to go back to the 1980s?  And if they are, the chances are that they don’t remember just how ‘fun’ it was to spend an entire lunch hour in a queue at the bank to pay in a babysitting cheque.


Gone are the days we had to rush into a bus to get into the bus station just for the purpose of getting a taxi. Are taxis still expensive? How would I know when I could easily get into my phone and get an Uber to pick up from my house to the city at a convenient price?

Although people are really quick to complain that smartphones have had a negative impact in our lives, we cannot deny that these brilliant devices have countless benefits.Remember back in the days when we went to the shopping Centre to buy a Bejeweled case for your Motorola? Good times, if you honestly don’t remember you may be too young for this article.

Moreover, the affordable prices have made Android-Smartphone models much more accessible, so much that they are no more of a luxury but have become a necessity.

We should take some time and be thankful for smartphones and how they’ve got us through tough times. Like that one time your cars were filled with hundreds of CD’s and you had to look through heaps to find you favorite one. Now we can just easily connect blue tooth and easily Spotify your music or easily just you tube straight through an Aux cable.

“I like how I can create my own photo album and have a bunch of memories all in my phone. I doubt my mum has as many memories of herself when she was young. I’ve barely seen her pictures when she was young to be honest she says those times cameras were even very hard to get access to. Plus, I don’t know what I would do without snap chat I get to see what people are up to a specific time,” says Sameer a Latrobe university Student.

Remember those phones that did not have internet for free and  the only games we could play those days was snake and spider solitaire and some funny bricks games. We must admit that today we just love having internet on our phones. Being able to access the internet and google whatever and whenever we want is so convenient. Having all the information on our fingertips is one big turn for everyone. Especially for students once upon a time all reading resources were in the Library and you had to spend hours in the library, ask mum or dad she will tell you. Today you can have a whole trimester at university and not step foot in the library because all the information is in your fingertips all you have to do is pull that phone out and type ‘Deakin Library’ and you can easily access most of the e-books and articles, journals and scholar articles you need.

These smartphones are even taking over out ATM cards. Phones have taken it to the next level by allowing people to use their phones with countless pay points. 

‘When I came to Australia, my first bank account was with Commonwealth, I remember this one time I went shopping, got everything I needed, as I went to pay I figured I did not have my ATM card and thought maybe I should go back home and get my card. The teller told me there was an ATM outside and I could do cashless card. Cashless card? What is that I asked? she explained it to me and coming from a country where we do not even have internet banking. I was caught by surprise, anyway from that day I never carried my card with me again’ “said Melvin student from La Trobe University. 

Though smartphones we eventually have our money in our pockets which is a good achievement as its helped curb the issues like counterfeit and stolen wallets and purses. and if the phone was stolen the high mobile banking security would barely let anyone gain access to someone else’s internet banking.

I’m guessing it’s a little too old-school to use alarm clocks.  It seems more convenient with our phones considering you could snooze your alarm every five minutes until your eventually late for class. I bet you cannot set more than 3 alarms in one day on those alarm clocks.

“Ok google, what’s was the news today, Ok google, what’s the weather like tomorrow, Ok google call Brian” Following in the steps of Siri and Amazon’s Alexa before it, Ok Google is an important assistant that helps with our everyday tasks by letting you ask it anything. Well not just anything, but it will definitely make your life easier if you’ll let it. Just be prepared to feel self-conscious every time it dawns that you’re speaking to an inanimate object, even if you’re in the privacy of your own home. If you own a smart phone, well you already have it. If ok google is not your friend, think about it will make your work easier.

While smartphones offer endless possibilities to keep you modernized and comfortable in your life, care should be taken against their overuse or misappropriation. When used appropriately and accountably, a smartphone can help you achieve numerous success and satisfactions in life— all of that, is in the palm your hands.




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