Fortnite: What you need to know.

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Fortnite is currently the world’s most popular video game. With over 3.4 million players, it is voted the number one out of one hundred and four popular games right now.

Fortnite mixes a third-person shooter, with a Minecraft like game. It allows players to build structures using materials found from the environment in the game, as well as shoot at enemies.

Initially made as a sandbox survival game is set on an alternate version of Earth. The creators quickly developed the popular ‘Battle Royale’ game mode. This is the mode where you are dropped on an island with 99 other online players, aiming to be the last one standing.

This entire game can be played for free. This is the factor that has assisted in making this game so widely popular. Instead of typical console and PC games that will often cost upwards of $70, Fortnite is offered for free.

Younger gamers don’t go through the process of convincing their parents that they want to buy a shooting game. The parents don’t have to go through extensive research to determine whether the game is appropriate or not. Having it free, allows anyone and everyone who has some sort of console to play the game. Fortnite has also added itself to the mobile app market, which is also free.

Analytics from Sensor Tower estimate that Fortnite is making more than $1 million per day on mobile alone.

Money can be spent to purchase an online currency in the game, that can be used to edit the cosmetic look, and dance moves in the game. On these items alone, Epic Games made $126 million in February on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. (According to Superdata research)

The second aspect is attributed to the relationship it enables between itself and the twenty-first century.

Fortnite, following the release of the “The Avengers: Infinity War”, released a limited time game mode, with the villain from the movie, Thanos. This saturated social media giving the game a greater scope of exposure.

The game’s creators are able to stay current, and sustain interest through the inclusion of current events.

Alongside Thanos, ‘meme dances’ are also added almost daily for purchase with in-game ‘V-bucks’. These dances refer to memes that are popular, shared over the internet such as the ‘Conor McGregor’ dance. See below. These quirky little additions to the game, keep the gamer interested.

Check out this video for examples of the purchasable dance moves: 

Just recently, Fortnite due to its increasing popularity, announced a $1 million tournament. This, is in its first year of ‘e-sports’, is completely unheard of.  Due to the excessive amounts of money, this seems like a good way to kick Fortnite into the E-sports realm.

The opportunities of the gaming world are also becoming prominent for Fortnite. Websites like Twitch that allow players to stream to the online world.

Twitch is an online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. Since being created in 2011, estimates Twitch’s worth at around US$3.79 billion.

Streamers play the game while recording video and audio. Viewers can donate real money if they are enjoying the video. 

Fortnite ‘God’ Ninja, is said to making at least $350,000 a month just from his Twitch streams.

Due to its online popularity and constant appearance through social media and often the news, it has attracted celebrities to get in on the act. Drake, Travis Scott, Ben Simmons, even some Tottenham Hotspur stars have been playing, usually on a stream with ‘Ninja’.

This game has however, struck a cord with worried parents. Given the staggering amounts of players on this worldwide game, situations have arisen with paedophiles ‘grooming’ children. Fortnite having features such as text chat and of course audio, it’s important that parents understand the risks around these situations. This is obviously a situation that needs to be addressed in such a popular game as this, but also to broader extent in relation to online gaming as a whole.

Another issue that have parents worried is the violent nature that the game rewards. The object in its simplest form, to kill everyone else and win. Although, the game is extremely animated with a lack of blood as well.

However, states, “Much of the research on violent video game use relies on measures to assess aggression that don’t correlate with real-world violence”.

These negatives are however, doing little to diminish the growth and influence this game is having in the online world.         


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