How to Start your own Fashion and Lifestyle Instagram with the Experts

Source: Instagram/Isabellagray

As a keen fashion observer and self-appointed stylist to those closest to me I have attempted many a time to start my own fashion Instagram to show off my latest Zimmermann or Alice McCall purchase. Sadly after taking approximately 400 photos with each ‘shoot’ I’m disappointed and looking more like Celeste Barber than the fashionista girls on Instagram. At Dscribe we spoke with expert glamazons and fashion/lifestyle Instagrammers Carmel Jenkin and Isabella Gray and asked for some basic practical tips to start your own fashion and lifestyle Instagram.

Not specifically interested in doing the fashion and lifestyle thing? Isabella recommends using Instagram as a platform to further yourself in your chosen industry and make connections. 

Carmel Jenkin. Source: Instagram/drawdressdream

The Camera- DSLR or Smart Phone?  

Carmel: “I would recommended investing in a DSLR camera but more importantly invest in a quality lens. I have a Nikon 5100. I own two lenses, one for portrait shots and one for basic shots where you want to get everything in the image. Both lenses create a sharp focus on the subject matter but blur the background which is a beautiful professional effect. It’s quite costly to do this but it is an investment and you won’t be sorry.

Saying this, iphone photos can also be fabulous and sometimes better. You just need to filter it correctly.”

Isabella: You don’t need a fancy camera or high tech equipment to take good content. In fact, I find that iPhone photos get the best responses! I tend not to use Instagram filters, I stick to VSCO which I highly recommend for making your photos look more professional.

Carmel Jenkin. Source: Instagram/Drawdressdream

Filters- Which ones to use?

Carmel: “For my general feed I have a basic rule, stick to the same filter for each pic. And when I say filter I mean 3 apps Facetune, Snapseed, & the most important VSCO CAM.

I use facetune for fixing my face and whitening the background. It takes the yellow out of pics which is genius.

I use snapseed for selecting particular colours of my image and brightening or dulling it for what I desire. The selective tool does this and it’s bloody brilliant.”

Isabella: I use VSCO last to put a colour filter through my pic. Lately I’m into a golden vintage brown vibe and you can achieve this in the A series. You really can do anything with this app but make sure you choose a filter and stick to it so your feed looks cohesive. You can go really dark and shadowy or light and bright. It’s really up to you for what suits your style.

How to Relate to Followers 

Isabella Gray. Source: Instagram/Isabellagray

Isabella: The best way to grow your following is to have a clear point of difference from other influencers, only work with brands you truly love and believe in (people see through the fake stuff!), and to post regularly.

Your followers are the people who have chosen to support you. Show them how much you appreciate their support by liking their comments, photos, and commenting back. Be true to yourself, and don’t compare yourself to anyone you see online! We are all running a completely different race.



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