P!NK Review: definitely still a rock star with her rock moves

One of the more relaxed stage looks from the night. IMAGE: Jessie Hare

Alecia Beth More is a 38 year old artist, wife to Carey Hart and mother of six year old Willow and one year old Jameson but she is better known as Pink. She is currently travelling across Australia doing her Beautiful Trauma World Tour. A total of 150,000 tickets were sold for just the Melbourne shows alone and her time down under will span 35 arena shows.

Pink flying over the crowd. IMAGE: Jessie Hare

I have never been to one of Pink’s concerts but I had a little idea of what her shows are about. I attended her sixth Melbourne show and I am glad – I was incredibly impressed by her performance, it wasn’t just an artist singing for an audience. The evening started with The Rubens warming up the crowd followed by a fun mix by DJ KidCutUp that truly got the crowd in the mood for a fun night. From start to finish, it was a complete showcase. It then wasn’t long before Pink came out and wowed the packed out Rod Laver Arena straight off the bat by hanging off a swinging chandelier. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo3U_YxF7qU]

Video: Jessie Hare’s Youtube 

She went on to perform a total of 21 songs, including fan favourites ‘Perfect’, ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘So What’ as well as a couple of her new hits from her Beautiful Trauma album, ‘Revenge’, ‘What About Us?’ and of course hit single, ‘Beautiful Trauma’.

The energy this woman can produce after having two children is second to none. There was never a point where I felt bored or wasn’t focused on her performance. She had her band who are just as passionate as she is, her back up dancers who brought another level of energy to the stage and her quirky nature kept the crowd alive. 

I am constantly people watching and I find that concerts are a great place to see what the vibe of the crowd is like which sets the scene for the night.

Siblings Elly and James Makrodimitris attended the Pink concert with their uncle for his birthday. Elly, 24, is someone who generally changes the radio station when she hears Pink but to her surprise she was impressed by what she saw. Elly is a big lover of music from Melbourne, so she didn’t want to miss out on the chance of seeing an artist as well known as Pink

“Even if you aren’t a huge fan of her music, seeing Pink live is definitely something to add to the bucket list. Her dance ability, acrobatic strength and performance as a whole is amazing, but being able to sing and hit the notes she does while doing so is a new level of incredible,” Elly said. 

A simple yet beautiful stage set up for the tour. IMAGE: Jessie Hare

James, 22, found himself not missing a second of Pink’s incredible performance. James didn’t look out of place with both males and females of all ages filling up the seats and it was his uncle who had the idea of going along to the concert.

“The creativity of the concert keeps you engaged and entertained the whole time,” he said.

Also worth mentioning, she made note within her two hour performance of the #MeToo movement and why she finds it so important with a heartfelt video montage and commentary. With Pink being an older artist, her crowd demographic is different to say, Justin Bieber’s concerts. You don’t have thousands of teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs so you can’t even hear his voice. If you are looking to listen to an incredible voice, see an artist fly over their crowd and dance her heart out, look no further than Pink, she didn’t disappoint. 


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