EXCLUSIVE: drone footage shows Lombok devastation after deadly earthquakes

Photo credit - AFP

The Indonesian island of Lombok is in a state of emergency after a series of earthquakes rocked the region. 

With conflicting reports from different authorities, the exact death toll can’t be certain, but the army said more than 300 people had been confirmed dead.

The first major earthquake on July 29 was measured as a 6.4 magnitude quake killing 20 people, before a 6.9 magnitude quake a week later on August 5 saw the death toll rise rapidly. In a cruel blow, the island suffered a third shake on Thursday August 10, causing havoc for residents and rescue efforts. 

Rory Brown is an Australian videographer on the ground assisting with rescue efforts in Lombok. He was at the epicentre of Thursday’s 6.4 quake in Tanjung and said it felt like standing on a bucking bull simulator.

Dscribe spoke exclusively to Rory. While the Indonesian government did declare the area in a state of emergency, Rory is angry not enough is being done so you’ll hear some strong language. Listen to our interview below. 

The video shows the extent of damage in Lombok. All footage has been sourced from Rory Brown and Matty Ower.

Photo – Matty Ower
Photo – Matty Ower
Photo – Matty Ower

Rory says donations can be made via Project Karma or SMS LOMBOK to 0488 824 582.

For up to date coverage, click on the Lombok quake icon on Rory’s Instagram, here


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