10 problems with Netflix’s new series “Insatiable”

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Netflix has recently been known to bring out their fair share of cringeworthy movies and TV shows like The Kissing Booth and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but none compare to the terrible cringeworthy and morally wrong series that is Insatiable

On August 10, Netflix debuted their new series Insatiable. The release of the show was to the dismay of over 200,000 people, who had signed a Change.org petition to get the show cancelled after watching the trailer, that had been released on the 26th of July.

Insatiable focuses on teenager Patty (Debby Ryan), also known to her peers as ‘Fatty Patty’. She lives a miserable life being bullied at high school. Until one day she is punched by a homeless man who breaks her jaw and leaves her jaw wired shut. This causes Patty to lose a lot of weight and become what is considered stereotypically ‘hot’. (I know what you’re thinking – ridiculous storyline). Now ‘hot’, Patty, with the help of disgraced lawyer and pageant coach Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), seeks to take revenge on all those who have previously wronged her.

The show has an immense amount of issues, not only with the morals behind it but the horrible cliches that are poorly executed. You know it’s going to be a bad series when you find an issue within the first 30 seconds of the first episode.

Here are ten of the main problems I found with the series: 

  1. The opening line in the first episode.

“I’ve heard stories of girls who grew up happy, well adjusted, with a healthy relationship to food and their bodies. Screw those bitches.” I thought as a society we were past the idea that it’s wrong if you’re happy with your body. Every girl and woman in the world should be happy with their bodies no matter what size and shouldn’t have to be called ‘bitches’ for being confident within themselves.

2. The fact that the main character, Patty, was only able to lose weight by getting punched and having her jaw wired shut.

This demonstrates to young viewers an unhealthy way to lose weight. Rather than showing Patty being fit and healthy, the show’s creators go down a ridiculous and offensive storyline. 

3. Patty uses her sexuality to seduce a witness to lie in court.

Not only is this ILLEGAL, but it’s showing the idea that women can only get what they want by using their bodies and sexuality.

4. Throughout the series the main character keeps referring to “What would Drew Barrymore do?”.

This is an insult to Drew Barrymore because she would never do the things that Patty does e.g. seduce a homeless man to get back at him and then when he falls asleep cover him in alcohol in the plan to light him on fire (yes, this actually happens in the show).

5. The second episode is called “Skinny is Magic”.

Enough said.

6. The show uses the famous song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds. 

This song was made famous by one of the classic cult teen movies from John Hughes, The Breakfast Club. It’s an insult to The Breakfast Club to even be associated to a show this bad and for the creators of Insatiable to think their show could even compare themselves to The Breakfast Club is ridiculous.

7. Patty tries to lure her pageant coach Bob Armstrong from his wife Coralee Armstrong (Alyssa Milano).

Patty believes that herself and Bob are soul mates and whenever she gets the chance, tries to use her sexuality to get Bob to cheat on his wife and fall for herself (the plot just keeps getting worse and worse).

8. It is filled with stereotypes.

The stereotype of the overweight girl who gets bullied and fills the voids of love in her life with food. The lesbian best friend, Nonnie (Kimmy Shields), who’s secretly in love with Patty. The single alcoholic mother, who can never quite be the perfect parent. It just stacks each character with a stereotype that is so unnecessary in an already cliched show.

9. The multiple plots within the series.

Throughout the twelve episode series, the plot of the show is consistently confusing with too many things happening all at once.  It seems that at some points, every character is trying to have the spotlight, from Patty trying to seek revenge, to Nonnie discovering her sexual orientation and to Bob Armstrong trying to redeem himself as a pageant coach and in the meantime discovering that he too is gay. It is all too much.

10. It is boring. 

Despite so many things happening within the storyline, it somehow still comes off unentertaining. It was painful to sit and watch the twelve hour-long episodes. The creators of the show clearly wanted it to be a satirical comedy, but it ended up just being dull and mostly offensive rather than funny. 

The list could go on forever, but I think you can gather from these ten things that the show is not one that you should waste your time watching. Not only does it promote corrupt ideologies, have terrible cliches, but it is genuinely not an enjoyable show to watch.



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