Look out, SQUADCAST is back! Our unmissable podcast is bigger and badder than ever, returned with a vengeance and certain to include more lively discourse on the hot topics than you could care to poke a stick at.

Why is the new ALFW football fixture a major step back for women’s footy?

Are we paying too much for a cold beer (and not enough for sugary drinks)?

Have our teachers become the poor students?

What happens when you push a moderator to his limits?

Hannah ‘Forte’ Kenny

Nat ‘Health Guru’ Kerr

Angus ‘Newtown’ Kramer

Jake ‘The Fossil’ Traynor

You know the drill; it’s funny, it’s feisty, and it’s informative. Sit back, relax, and expect some class commentary with a bit o’ banter from four of your favourite D*Scribers.


WARNING: this podcast may contain references to delicious yeasty beverages, fresh-poured and ice-cold. 18+ Enjoy responsibly.


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