Trolls Take Toll on Rose, Foreseeing Limited Success of Batwoman Casting

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In a crossover event by CW in collaboration with DC, Batwoman’s shoes will be filled by Aussie actress, Ruby Rose.

For those of you that don’t know, CBS and Warner Bros. partnered to create a new network called The CW which they launched in September of 2006.

CW announced last month that Rose’s debut as the Super Hero will air in December. Likely donning a long red wig and lycra, the role is one quite different from her previous ones. But costuming is the least of concern held by comic fanatics. Will she actually do this role justice? Will the politics of the casting out weigh the significance of how major this is for her career?

Image Courtesy of Twitter
Courtesy of Twitter

Hopefuls took to Twitter and ‘Deadline’ forums to share their thoughts, amidst a mix bag of expectations. 

‘Deadline’ forum

Rose has since deactivated her Twitter account, and has, for some time, disabled commenting on her Instagram feed.

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Is the backlash well-founded? Let us take a moment to reflect on her acting career to date to fully gage the likelihood of regret held by the casting director. 


Pitch Perfect 3. Portraying a ‘Musician’, all the while only playing the one chord throughout her performance, apparently. (C’mon, really, how hard is it to pretend you’re at least playing different chords… you’re meant to act!)

Resident Evil; Final Chapter. This was probably her best work, though of course (spoiler alert) she died. Short lived talent, which evoked disappointment from her fans, and for a handful of viewers, relief.

Courtesy of Twitter
Courtesy of Twitter


xXx Return of Xander Cage. Rose here was a hit and miss (in both her acting and gun range). At least she didn’t attempt, miserably, an American accent. Nor did she as Stella in Orange is the new Black, thankfully. A skill so well known to be outside her grasp that casting literally made her character mute as Ares in John Wick 2. AND apparently John Wick 3 snagging a mention in the credits for the 2019 release. A deaf-mute would prove particularly difficult to be in a co-op environment, I’d wager (“a bomb went off,” she’d sign, “where!?”), the impracticality of it all out-shone by her less than satisfying acting. Perhaps knowing full well her capabilities of hearing and speaking, the role came across as incredibly insincere. 

Her most recent gig saw her playing Jaxx Herd on screen alongside a prehistoric shark in The Meg. The film cost 150million to make, and it’s difficult to see where the budget sprung from. With Jason Statham nearing the end of his career and Ruby Rose’s previous performances abysmal in majority, one would wager it was spent on CI and effects. There were instances where the people in the water scenes were noticeably digitally monitored. So… ??
Amidst the irritation evoked from Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) and Suyin (Li Bingbing) finding the time for romance in between shark-fighting scenes, came Ruby’s entrance onto the screen. Rose seemed to be attempting an American accent, failing miserably as the Aussie tone seeped through. The close up on her face as she cried over the loss of her friend, to the shark of course, was uncomfortable to witness. It just seemed to drag out, never ending. Her one liner retort was perhaps the singular highlight of her performance and was only four words; “What happened to your hair?” I did laugh here, I’ll admit. Costuming isn’t something she can be held accountable for, but that damn strand of hair covering her face was incessant; but then again, possibly a pick by casting crew to distract the audience from her capacity as an actress.

I really want to like Ruby Rose, I do. Her success and continuous casting when her performances have been less than wonderful, though, causes one to scratch their head. Is she simply riding the PC wave? 

If so, should I pleased she’s taking advantage of the population that’s otherwise segregated LGBT communities? Or am I disappointed in the performing arts realm dwindling in talent?

To address the earlier question; “is the backlash well-founded?” No. I have yet to be impressed by her acting skills but cyber bullying is never ok. 

Rose on Fallon

Precedent aside, I really hope she smashes this role. You gotta root for a home grown making it in the US of A. one thing’s for sure; Rose must have one HELL of a manager.



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