Runway 2: Melbourne Fashion Week recap

Taken by myself

People are only stressed when fixated on the future and the past. I was stressed because I had four minutes to convince my Uber driver to drive faster to make it through the doors of the Melbourne Town Hall on Tuesday September 4 to watch the Melbourne Fashion Week  Runway Two show.

Fashionably late to my dismay – I had anticipated earlier that day to be embarrassingly unfashionably early, to soak up all the grandeur. Punt road peak hour. Classic. Why is it when you want to get somewhere fast you never arrive early? Murphy’s Law I s’pose.

I had just made it 6:30pm on the dot, being one of the last ones through the door, I found my seat. Five rows back, I was feeling very grateful to organiser Geraldine Frater-Wyeth from the Event Gallery for inviting me. And then I spotted my friend waving back to me from up the front; nonetheless I was feeling excited and hopeful. If Australia can have five PMs in five years, surely I can dream a little too and move up from the fifth to the front row in five years, as my thoughts pondered in the darkness of the hall.

Then boom, the adverts began on the big screens ahead of me, as the lights balanced the runway displaying intricacies and beautiful subtle patterns, installed by talented Jobe Williams also known as @HyperReelist on Instagram. The show had begun. 

Runway Instalments. Photo: Emily Cody

Some of the designers at Runway 2 included the likes of – Arnsdorf, Bianca Spender, CAMILLA AND MARC, Dion Lee, Michael Lo Sordo, Scanlan Theodore and Viktoria & Woods, all set against the artistic installations, the models walked out so elegantly and in perfect sync.

Photo: Emily Cody


“We enjoyed curating the designer list for this show. The show was colour blocked. The lighting and set colour was produced to complement the individual designer collections.” – Event Gallery, Genevieve. 

After the show I spoke to Jobe about his inspirations for his light installations, he told me “it depends what I’m doing. Sometimes a ten second clip can take up to two days. It all really comes together based on the brief, however I was given a lot of creative freedom with MFW this year, which was incredible”.

Model Runway. Photo: Emily Cody

Overall, I had an incredible time and felt very inspired seeing how Australian fashion has progressed so much.

I felt so proud to be an Australian and see the talented designers we have in comparison to the world stage, we definitely have something unique going on and that was exciting to see. It is truly only looking positive for the future of Aussie fashion ahead and I can’t wait for next years MFW.  


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