Three great hobbies to fill in your spare time!

Photo: Campbell McKenna

Holidays and weekends give those hard workers a chance to relax and kick their feet up. However, there are some who enjoy spending their time more productively.

The basis of a hobby is the idea that it builds confidence. Through time invested, it allows people to get good at something and therefore gain a feeling of pride.

Hobbies are a great way to spend time that is spare, especially if people are stressed in their daily lives.

Through using physical and to a lesser extent mental activity when completing these hobbies, result in chemical changes in the brain that illustrates positive outcomes. 

According to a report published in, the human brain works better when left to explore itself through new activities, such as hobbies. 

The following hobbies are some of the best examples of ways to achieve this. 


Exercise is the key to a healthy, happy life. Lots of people exercise but for it to be considered a hobby, time needs to be invested.

Michael Margharitis, 21, self-proclaimed gym enthusiast has invested numerous hours at the gym for exercise and considers it his hobby.

“I’d heard a lot about exercise helping stress relief and thought I may as well give it a try.”

Given that exercise releases positive chemicals in your brain and stimulates your body, exercise is a fantastic hobby to have for body and mind. Michael believes that ultimately it’s the most productive and positive use of his spare time.

“Seeing results in your figure, stamina and strength can be quite exciting.”

As well as a way to fill in an empty schedule, exercise provides results, health and wellbeing.

“Finding some type of exercise that interests you can provide great benefit to the body and mind!”


Photography is a great way to release the creative mind in all of us. Photography can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want.

There are cameras that are the same cost as small cars, or there are now high quality cameras on smartphones that everyone seems to own.

Campbell McKenna, 20, full time worker, encourages anyone with a creative side to give it a shot.

“There are so many special moments in our lives that should be captured and shared with those around us.”

Photography gives an opportunity to release creative energies, and capture and treasure special moments, all for really no cost at all.

Everyone naturally takes photos of things they want to capture, however that isn’t the aspect of photography that makes it a hobby. The desire to capture an image in the most creative or artistic manner, is the aspect that makes this activity a hobby.

Photo: Campbell McKenna

Along with the creative, inexpensive nature of photography as a hobby, it also has a very important role in the creation of memories.

McKenna says, “The first thing a family would collect if their house went up in flames is their photo albums.”

This defines the importance that a simple hobby can have in your life, for the cost of nothing.


Gardening as a hobby is a great way to get outdoors and get in touch with nature. Claire O’Meara, 40, worked as a landscaper for over five years and has remained passionate about gardening her entire life. O’Meara is a solid believer in the positive impact that gardening has had on her life.

“The best part is watching something grow after nurturing and contending with weather, pests and disease.”

The reward that can be achieved through gardening, lies in the knowledge of what you have created and nurtured.

“When I was landscaping, the best part was being able to give clients a living, growing work of art that would only be realised after about 10 years.”

Gardening is an excuse to get outside, get your hands dirty and create something but on top of that you’re giving something back as well.

“It was natural for me…giving something back that was offsetting my carbon footprint.”

Gardening allows people that want to do right by the environment, or just want their garden to look a bit nicer, to achieve these things.

On top of this it’s a fantastic way to get active, outside and give something back to nature.

Depending on who you are or what interests you these examples of hobbies are just a few of the many options that people can choose to fill in their day.

These hobbies are opportunities to use time productively and grow as a person.

Once some time has been invested, people find themselves happier and in some cases happier with less time to sit and binge watch the newest Netflix TV series.


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