Why a ‘real woman’ doesn’t have curves

Real Women

‘A real woman has curves’ a phrase so often heard floating around in the media. A real woman is a woman, a friend, a sister, perhaps a mother, and in no way should be defined by her body shape; with curves or without curves. All women, in fact are ‘real’ and nonetheless beautiful and should identify with being who they are than being defined by their body type.

Saying and constantly repeating this phrase we hear so often is insulting and unfair to the women without curves, the girls who are naturally very thin or never had hips that they had perhaps dreamed of because of societal pressures and supermodels in magazines; so we shouldn’t highlight this when there are so many other things going on in the world to talk about, and be making another saying into something that categorises women again and puts them in to yet another ‘box’, mostly defined by the desires of men on how they should look.

real woman should be herself and not let society categorise her based off her looks. It’s crazy I have to even write this, but it is something we have to keep reminding ourselves of in 2018. A real woman to me is confident, independent and going for her dreams with or without ‘curves’. She is strong and plays by her own rules not letting herself become immersed in judgements from anyone. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks because she is too focused to care.

French fashion Instagram influencer and student Louise Vills 23 says, “It’s a big topic over here! All women are true women. Actually, whoever feels a woman is a true one. I recently read in a magazine how ‘men are into real, curvy women and don’t give a damn about skinny girls’. There are so many things wrong with this phrase. Like that a woman should be whatever men want them to be. Like real women are curvy. Like if skinny girls aren’t real women. Like if one body type is better than another, because men prefer it. So many fucked up thoughts.

It actually reflects our society. Trying to fit in a box, under a title, an etiquette.

Of course I find these comments offensive. Not as a thin girl, but as a woman living in a society where she’s always told who she should be, what she should do to be accepted. In a society where you’re never enough. A society that always makes you doubt your value.”

Louise via @louvills / used with her permission

If we want women everywhere to feel free to be who they are then we have to stop saying such black and white phrases. There is so much more to women than their looks. We are all a person with a mind to think, create, act, multi-task and do amazing things everyday.

In a society that already puts so much pressure on women to look and act a certain way, not only is it from men and the media (magazines), but most recently social media. Addressing the issue that there is no one type of woman and imperfection is indeed perfection should be celebrated instead. Perfection is boring anyway and immeasurable.

Imagine if we all achieved the stereotype version of ‘perfection’, how bland would the world be? So, if you have curves, great, if you don’t, that’s great too. We are all only here for a short time.

Let’s stop saying things like ‘real women have curves’ and practice self love. Some women have curves, some don’t and both are completely and utterly wonderfully human. 


Reminder quote photo via Rens Koes


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