The 24-Hour Dance Project


“I’m not a particularly talented dancer, I’m just enthusiastic and have a lot of willpower associated with dance.”

– Freya McGrath

Freya McGrath loves to dance, so much in fact she turned it into a 24-hour endurance dance project to celebrate her love for dancing! She does not eat, drink or take a break from dusk till dawn unless someone takes her place.

Freya, together with her producer Harriet Wallace-Mead and a team of close friends wanted to create a special environment for everyone through dance. In this video, I sat down with Freya and Harriet at their home – and danced for a bit too. We had a fun and enthusiastic conversation about the premise of their dance project and beyond. 

Presented as part of ‘Critical Mass’ for the upcoming Melbourne Fringe Festival, the 24-hour dance project will be happening on from September 29 to 30, 9pm to 9am at Testing Grounds, Southbank. This is a ticketed event. 

Visit their Facebook page: here.


Trailer: 24-Hour Dance Project 

Music: Montgomery – Pure Sport


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