Beauty in diversity: “My height would change the shape of my body and I love my body for what it is”


“Sure my height would get me into an agency easier, but my height would change the shape of my body and I love my body for what it is, and that’s not something I want to change. And I would much rather have to fight for things I want and use the lack of being tall as my determination to prove a point.”

Join me as I have a chat with 21 year old freelance model Olivia Alarcon about the height restrictions of the modelling industry and their impact on her ambitions as a Melbourne model. 

In her entry for the Photo Studio petite model search, Olivia shared her personal struggles with her overall well-being saying, “I have been a big advocate for self-love after many years of depression throughout my teenage years. After coming out the other end, stronger than ever, I have a huge passion for spreading not only self-love, but body confidence.” 

Before she discovered her love for modelling, Olivia tried studying in various different fields including science and patisserie. She is still contemplating where she will go in the future, a situation similar to many students, however she has found something she loves and will continue doing it for as long as she can. 

After recording this podcast, Olivia won The Photo Studio Australia petite model competition, adding a vast array of photos to her modelling portfolio. She will also be featuring in a paid photo shoot for a dinnerware company. She may or may not be wearing a chef’s hat.  

“When I started modelling, they told me my height was always going to be an issue and that I would probably never make it. This didn’t upset or anger me, it gave me determination and power to show they were wrong. I began organising my own shoots and showing not only myself, but others, your height/weight/insecurities should never stop you from following your dreams. And this opportunity gives me the ability to keep pushing this message to a wider community.”


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