Investigating the Paranormal: Meet Steve Ford


D*scribe reporter Zoe Duggan met up with lead investigator of The Australian Ghost Investigators Steve Ford to talk all things paranormal and check out the former Geelong Orphan Asylum.

First Encounters with the Paranormal

Mr Ford’s first experience with the paranormal occurred during his teen years.

“It was a specific scenario at night time, it was hard to say if it was night, morning or what time [it was], but what was occurring to me was not only a strange feeling but something I couldn’t control” says Mr Ford. “It was a dark figure, basically on my bed head.”

“I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move and before I knew what was going on it was morning and I was getting up.”

“It was hard to say if it was a dream or not but it definitely felt so real to me.”

Mr Ford says he has always had a keen interest in computers and history.

“I had a computer background and I did everything in computers that I could, so I went to the Gordon and studied certificate IV in multimedia so webpages, gaming that sort of stuff was all basically my forte,” he says. “After that I just plodded around more on the history side of things and I had a keen interest in old buildings.”

In the early 2000s Mr Ford began to study the paranormal and got his “big-break” in the ghost investigation world with the organization formerly known as the Australian Ghost Adventures.

After the Australian Ghost Adventures disbanded and its name and ABN were cancelled, Mr Ford decided to continue investigating the paranormal.

“We decided to get a small group of us that still wanted to do it again together, and to have Australian Ghost Investigators and that’s where we are today” he says.

Process of Investigating

The Australian Ghost Investigators will investigate people’s homes or properties that are suspected to be haunted, free of charge.

“We don’t get paid for anything we do, we do it because we have a love of it and a keen interest in the paranormal,” says Mr Ford.

He says client’s will contact his team seeking their unique services.

“So my group or team of Australian Ghost Investigators, people will google us and look for our services and it usually starts with the client (contacting us)” says Mr. Ford. “Normally what we do is we will sit down with a client or we will get an email, and then organize a booking with the client and basically ask questions and ask what’s going on to paint us a bit of a picture”

Mr. Ford says that after meeting with a client his team will look into the history of the property prior to their formal investigation.

Before investigating the AGI team will attempt to debunk any suspected paranormal phenomenon that could have a natural cause or non-paranormal explanation.

“We debunk as much as we can and the other stuff that’s in the other category [of unexplained] is deemed paranormal, so something that’s unexplained” he says. “A lot of the time when we do the investigation with equipment and those sort of things, we look through (the building) structurally.”

There are a number of factors which can influence the legitimacy of the investigative team’s findings.

“The time of year, typography, wind and obviously the structure itself will determine what can happen” says Mr Ford.

After the AGI team investigates the property with its equipment, a psychic medium team is then sent in.

“At no time will the psychic medium team have any interaction with the other (tech) team, because if they (the mediums) have got a lot of resources or stuff that we’ve found in the history how do you know if they’re psychic” says Mr Ford.

“The psychic and the people we use with psychic abilities are very experienced and trained in their field, some of them have got awards and some of them have had decades of experience.

“Under no circumstances within Australian Ghost Investigators, (do we) charge nor do we claim to move entities on, we can’t guarantee that.

“What I can guarantee in some circumstances depending on obviously (if) everything’s set right which is really hard to do, we will give you some evidence, we will give you findings and stuff that will probably shock you.”


Watch the video’s below to gain insight into the kind of equipment Steve and the AGI use to investigate the paranormal.

Spirit Box


Heat Gun

EMF reader


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