Austism is not a crime protest


The ‘Friends of Autism Plus’ group, now called ‘Equality for Autism’, conducted a protest on Thursday the 20th of September at the steps of Parliament. The protest opposed the imprisonment and mistreatment of people with autism.

The protesters are a group of parents who have children with severe autism who require special care.

James Glanvill has a son who lives at Autism Plus’ supported accommodation. He spoke about why they’re protesting to protect people with autism.

The organisation, Autism Plus, is being replaced with a new body, following an ombudsman report last year.  

This article from The Age explains that Minister Martin Foley damned Autism Plus, placing it into administration, after it ineffectively handled the abuse of a resident.  

James Glanville said, “They only asked the two families that were upset, not the 140 families that were very happy.”

Glanvill said the group hasn’t received much media traction.

“We can’t have many parents here because they’re constantly stressed, working and some fear if they came, the government would take away their funding.”


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