There’s a first time for everything


Do you have a to-do list of things you want to do but know it’s impossible to happen because it will never just happen? Ironically, I just got one of those off my to-do list. September 8, 2018, is the most memorable day of my life. Do you want to know why? Because I went to the snow for the first time. I had never seen snow before, well, not technically. I have seen snow before, I have actually seen it lots of times, especially when I was a kid when all Disney channel would screen is TV shows full of snow on Christmas Day.

When my friend told me “let’s go to the snow” I just asked him “what’s snow?” knowing that there was no snow in Australia. I always pictured snow was only in American and European countries. I thought he was joking so I did my research. Surprisingly, I found out that there was actually snow in some parts of Australia. My friend told me to get ready as we would be going to the snow on Saturday. I was super excited, I told my whole family, my friends, relatives, I even made a post on Snap chat, Facebook and Instagram that I was going to the snow. I had taken it too far, but I didn’t care because I WAS GOING TO THE SNOWWW. It might be ordinary to you but to me it was EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Let me tell you why I exaggerate this. I’m a 23-year international student who’s never been to the snow. I bet some of you have not been, but that’s not the point. I’m originally from Kenya where the most accessible snow you can get is by watching it on movies. We have NEVER had snow. Snow in Kenya is not particularly common sight, given that the East African country sits right on the equator and has vast stretches of semi-desert scrubland. The hottest temperatures go from 20-33 degrees while winter gets to 9 degrees Celsius. So, the closest thing to the ice we get is hailstones and trust me, it comes often when it’s raining, and hailstones will hit the hell out of you till you save yourself with the nearest shelter. Another thing, I felt like the black sheep in the family. I have three brothers, two of them experienced snow in the U.K and the other had his experience in Switzerland. So clearly, I was the only one missing out on something special. 

So I went to Mt.Buller. Some of you might be wondering, where is this? It’s a town located in the Shire of Mansfield in the Alpine region of the Australian state of Victoria. We took a bus from the city at 5:30 am which drove us down to Mt.Buller. Well, I was going to tell you about the lovely Journey and scenery of traveling to the snow, but I slept half the way. I was tired, I had a late night shift the previous night. Anyway, Dave, my friend woke me up when we were driving up the mountain. There wasn’t that much snow on the way up but there was definitely spots of snow. “Omg Dave look, snow, woooow, hey look another one, snow,” I kept saying that each time I spotted some snow. As we moved closer I couldn’t help but get more and more excited, I felt like my body was going to burst out of my skin. I was super excited if I had to rate it on the scale of one to ten, I’d say fifteen, yeah it was that serious. “You haven’t seen nothing yet,” he said. “I wonder what your reaction will be once we get up the mountain.”  

We finally arrived. I could swear it looked and felt like heaven. It was like in the movies, but this time reality. I kept looking around to watch out for cameras, in case I was really in the movies. I couldn’t believe it, for the first time, my first time, I was walking on snow. I was at the snow, like for real!!. For some reason, the air smelt fresher than normal air, does that make sense? Was it snow air? I know air is just air, but this was air in the snow. 

 I wanted to do everything, from toboggan to skiing, from the lifts to snow fights just like in the movies. So that you know, I was well dressed. Two t-shirts, two jumpers, one heavy jacket, super warm gloves. Word was out, ‘IT WILL BE COLD’. Anyway, I wanted to do everything, obviously, but I had to go one step at a time. So, I started with the toboggan. It was scary but fun at first, but hey there is the first time for everything right?  I’ll tell you what was the scariest, the lifts. I have never felt so unsafe on my first day at the snow. One because I have a fear of heights, two the lifts did not have any safety belts, just a bar to hold on to and not have silly thought of jumping off the lift. I was terrified, the only thing that comforted me was, I was at the snow, FOR THE FIRST TIME!

That one thing I always admired and wanted to do ever since I was a kid was making my own snowman. Well, I made one in Kenya though I made it with mud. By the time I was done with my snow mud it wasn’t as impressive as a snowman on TV and my clothes were all muddy and dirty. We all know opportunity comes once in a lifetime, so, I made my own snowman and trust me I was very impressed, I had to sit down with my snowman and smiled for the picture. Have a look at my first ever snowman.

I played with the snow as much as I could, yeah, I became the kid I always wanted to be, rolling on the snow, snow punching with my friend, pictures in the snow, lying down on the snow, if I mention everything this story will never end. Words cannot express my magical experience of being at the snow. If I was so overwhelmed just by being at the snow what would happen if I was there during snowfall? Only God knows. When it was time to go back home, I was happy and content with my trip to Mt. Buller. I mean if I die today, I went to the snow. So, I was going to tell you my lovely journey back home from the snow but then again I slept half the way. But I have added something else on my to-do list: I am definitely skiing when I go back to the snow. 








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