Liu aims to be the Liberal’s first Chinese-Australian woman in Federal Parliament

Photo: supplied by Gladys Liu
Gladys Liu, the Liberal candidate for Chisholm, would be the first Chinese-Australian woman to be elected to the Federal Parliament’s Lower House if she wins her seat in the upcoming Federal Election on May 18. 
Although she was not available to speak to D*scribe due to campaign commitments, Liu has discussed how important a strong economy is on her official Facebook page.
“A strong economy means more money for families, retirees and services such as schools, hospitals and essential infrastructures,” she said in a post on March 31.
Liu has stated that the Liberal Party’s values inspired her to join the party in 2003.
“When I looked at the Liberal’s values, they encouraged personal responsibility, small businesses, and they encouraged reward for effort. Most importantly, they have a very strong family value. I thought ‘this is easy, I will join the Liberal party’,” she said.
Liu has been an active member within her party. She has served as a multicultural adviser to past Victorian Premiers Ted Baillieu and Denis Napthine, chaired the Liberal Party’s Communities Engagement Committee and created the Chinese Liberals Association and the Eastern Multicultural Branch. 
Liu was born in Hong Kong and first arrived in Australia as a student in 1985, where she studied a Bachelor of Applied Science at La Trobe University. She became an Australian citizen in 1992.
She has a son and daughter, Sally and Derek Yu, who both work for Bain and Company Consultancy.
Her professional work background is varied. After graduating with her Bachelor degree, Liu became a speech pathologist with the Department of Education and subsequently founded her own speech pathology practice. She later co-owned and managed two restaurants, and worked at a law firm. She is also the director of Blue Ribbon Consultancy.
Liu enjoys volunteering and contributing to her local community.
Her public LinkedIn profile states that serving the community was a key reason for her contesting the seat of Chisholm.
“I have always been an active volunteer and contributor to the local community. Running for Parliament is a natural progression of my passion of serving the community,” Liu said.
Liu is a former AFL Multicultural Ambassador. She was president of Box Hill Chess Club, a board member for the Melbourne Community Television Consortium (Channel 31) and the honorary secretary for the Chinese Professional and Business Association.
Liu encouraged local Chisholm residents to get in touch with her and discuss policy concerns that matter to them.
“I really want to meet with as many people in Chisholm as possible, so people can come and tell me what is important to them, and what is important to help make Chisholm better,” she said. 
Liu discussed on Facebook what members of the Chisholm community have raised as important issues.
“People have asked for improved healthcare, disability, ageing and education services. They want small businesses to thrive, our environment to be protected and a secure future,” she said.
 “If I’m elected into Parliament, I will work hard to ensure the needs of our community are delivered.”
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