Tommy Little, a lot to be desired

Tommy Little Photo courtesy: MICF 2019

Ever had a high school crush, where you were just so secretly in love with them?
Then you bump into them a couple of years after graduation by chance and manage to score a date.
You think: “Wow! Teenage me is screaming right now!”
So you go on the date, and all they end up doing is talking about themselves and being a bit of a dick to the waiter.
That is what it felt like seeing Tommy Little perform his latest comedy stand up, Self-Diagnosed Genius.

Little usually appears on channel Ten’s The Project, with his quick quips and funny retorts.
Perhaps this is his strongest asset.

His sold-out show began with some audience participation, where he acknowledged the whole crowd and not just the first two rows he could see. The audience was buzzing with titillation.

One audience member was so excited they interjected to ask about how he got on with Hollywood legend, Jane Fonda, who appeared on The Project back in August 2018. This was the highlight, albeit an unplanned one.

Little jumped back up on stage and continued the show by poking at the nuances of the new era of online dating and how being out of the game had thrown his mojo off. He basically told the audience everything we already knew and had already heard about the scene. We giggled politely; as if we had not already seen this material on his own social media posts. 

His journey to Antarctica to complete a marathon without formal training was the main focus. Other jokes weaved through, trailed off and then returned back to his trek.

There was a moment where he exclaimed about one of his successes at the end of the marathon and where his previous audiences had cheered with gusto (or so he said), but this audience fell silent. The incident echoed a sense of privilege and landed flat. Hard.

There was no real spark on this date, and with our high school dream shattered, Tommy Little left a lot to be desired.

Rating: 2.5/5

Tommy Little is performing Self-Diagnosed Genius until April 21.
See for details.


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