Top six travel apps you didn’t know you needed


These days there are apps that let you micro manage every aspect of your holiday, from encrypting WiFi networks to finding out which seat on a plane has a TV. Keep it simple, these six apps take the little stresses out of your next adventure so you can focus on your eat pray loving no matter where you are in the world.


PackPoint is THE app to put organisation back into our lives. Simply enter your destination and length of trip, and it will generate a checklist of travel necessities – taking into account the weather too!


Mapstr is like LinkedIn for Travellers. Drop pins on cities, landmarks or cafes you want to visit or have been to already. Share your profile with friends so they can follow in your footsteps or use their recommendations.


Travelling with a friend or group? Add your expenses into the app – things like fuel, car rental or hotel and it will help you split the costs and settle it in any currency you like.

Google Translate

Google Translate is not just for the obvious. The app’s best feature is its live-time translations. Hold your phone over Chinese lettering and watch it become English in live time on your phone screen. Speak English into your phone and listen to it come out in Hungarian. is an offline map that can locate you without using your data. Download all the cities you’re travelling to and save on roaming costs.  

Trail wallet

Trail Wallet is a budgeting app that is just as good for everyday as it is on the road. Set a daily budget and add expenses as you go. It will notify you if you go over your set budget and tells you how much you are spending by category (eg entertainment, transport, food).


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