ME! takes Taylor Swift from vengeful pop to playful musical

"ME!" out now. Photo: Facebook Taylor Swift

April 26, the date myself and all other Taylor Swift fans were eagerly waiting for. It might have been the shortest time frame for Swift to release new music since her previous album, Reputation, was released in November 2017, but for fans it felt like ages. But here it is, Taylor Swift is back with her new single Me!

Me! is a song about embracing your individuality and really celebrating it and owning it,” Swift told Robin Roberts in an interview on Good Morning America.

A chirpy and upbeat track presenting similarities to her previous song Delicate, Me! sees Swift move away from snakes and transform into butterflies. It says to the world that she is ready to start a new chapter in her life in a colourful, musical inspired track.

Taylor Swift and Panic! Of The Disco’s Brandon Urie singing in the rain in the ME! music video. Photo: Supplied by PopBuzz

In a surprising twist, Swift included a collaboration on a lead single, something that hasn’t occurred before. Featuring Panic! of The Disco’s Brendo Urie, the pair create cheerful harmonies that will have ME! stuck in your head for days. 

The accompanying music video has references to Mary Poppins and Hairspray, and the spoken words “Hey kids, spelling is fun!”, which had observers wondering if it was a film soundtrack. even asked if there was “a new trolls movie coming out” for the song to be featured in.

But the real question is, should this song be a lead single track?

While Swift has a way of throwing us off with her lead singles sounding nothing like the rest of her album, this song just felt way too similar to her other work on soundtracks including Sugarland, Babe, and One Chance’s Sweeter Than Fiction – all good songs but none that have reached the charts compared to her other well-known tracks including Shake It Off, I Knew You Were Trouble and Mine

With a change in style from snakes to butterflies there is hope that with a yet-to-be-confirmed album, we will see Swift create a sound that takes us back to her acoustic guitar days. 



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